10 Things That Make Me Happy

I have seen quite a few posts where people were sharing what makes them happy. I’ve been tagged by Lauren to do the same. So here you are 10 things that make me happy:

1) The sound of little snoring people. Especially if it’s felt like a long morning/day.

2) Friends who are always there. You may not speak often but as soon as they see you need them they’re thete

3) That first coffee in the morning. Especially if Gav makes it. It just tastes nicer

5) A new notebook. I’m an addict! I’ve just ordered myself another planner as a treat.

6) When the middle boy says a new word or strings some together. He’s struggling with a speech delay and so it’s really something when we get him.

7) When the littlest man gives his cheeky grin. Yes he’s about to be naughty but I cannot help but smile!

8) When I manage to capture Fizz in a moment. She doesn’t sit still long and is becoming self conscious and aware. I love it when I just capture her rare calmness.

9) When I catch Gav looking at me like he’s the happiest man in the world with me

10) That bit between autumn and winter where it’s not super freezing but cold enough for hot chocolate, blankets and books.

What makes you happy?


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