Self care isn’t always about the pretty things that can make life look nicer, in fact there is much more to it. If you are thinking about making your own self care your number 1 priority then here are a few ways you can help yourself!

Bullet Journalling or Art Journalling

Both of these can release your busy mind. Focus on the page in front of you and what you need to organise or get out.

Bullet Journalling can help you organise yourself which will help alleviate stress or feeling like you have too much on.

Art Journalling can help you get your creative side back, carry a notebook and doodle. I have a little watercolour set that is handbag friendly.

Escape for a weekend

If you are like me and always find things to do around the house even if there is spare time then a trip away can really focus the mind on enjoying the moment. Book an apartment in a new city and experience what it has to offer. You don’t need to take the kids – why not switch a weekend with your partner and then focus on something that is entirely for you, visit art galleries or snuggle in the apartment and watch Netflix until 2am with the knownledge no-one will be jumping on your head at 6am!

Look after your mind

Self care isn’t always about a spa day.  There is so much more and mental health is one of those things you need to look after. Pick up a book or start a course – something that will get your interest peaked and work with your intellect. I love taking a new short course or picking up a book. I’ve just finished Witch by Lisa Lister and although it has taken me 3 months every time i picked it up those moments were just for me.

Look after your body

It is essential to your health and wellbeing to know and understand your own body. A monthly schedule for looking out for changes in your breast or even making the effort to love your own body on a regular basis is essential. I’ve been working with the fab sent to thrill who believe in encouraging us to love ourselves and be confident in our own skin.

Create a Ritual

Whether it is concentrating on your breathing first thing in the morning, a short online yoga class, that first coffee of the day or a bath make sure that before you start your day to do something unique to you. I love that first coffee of the morning and saviour it as much as I can. I find that something to start the day the right way makes my creativity flow better. Rewards dont always have to be at the end of the day.

So what rituals do you include in your self care plan?




I love finding new, local products and recently a friend of mine contacted me to tell me all about 360 Botanicals. I bumped into Pip who runs the brand at RestFest recently and had a lovely chat with her about her products and you could see how much they mean to her.

Pip sent me her Super SerumSpa Aroma Spray, and I purchased one her her lovely Citrine candles recently. 

The super serum is a face oil. I have been using this daily and it has given a lovely brightness to my skin, The scent isn’t overpowering and the oil is light to use. I can tell the difference when I haven’t used it.

The Spa Aroma Spray is my go to for my daily meditation. I spray my room just before for a calming and tranquil smell. The scent is gorgeous in this spray and I often spray it on pillows and bedding to give them a lift,.

The Citrine candle has been part of my full moon journalling ritual. I love to have a special candle to journal with to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for setting intentions or surrendering ideas. I love the delicate smell of this candle and it is lasting really well. 

Pip’s products are really high quality and all of them have a place in my self care routines. I love that the products are cruelty free and also local to me. A hamper of these products as a special gift would make me a very happy person!

You can check Pip out on Instagram here.


The Sunday Update, 9th August 2020

The Sunday Update, 9th August 2020

Morning everyone,

The final school run

It feels weird writing on this blog as it’s laid bare ready for me to transition to from The Mumington Post. TMP went down on my hosting after a series of circumstances so it seemed as good as time as any to start something new and a bit more creative.

So, what’s been going on?

Well not so much and a lot of the same time. I feel as a family we’re, like many, in this big phase of transition. We are in the middle of Summer waiting for cogs to move and also some resemblance of what our new normal is.

What am I doing here?

For a long time TMP has been phasing to more of a review site and as I’ve been phasing out sharing our children on social media it became apparent that I need a new outlet, one where I can write freely about my upcoming projects, courses I’m taking and books I’m ready. Where as I could write this all on TMP it didn’t seem right for me to keep writing on a parenting blog about stuff that didn’t include parenting. It didn’t feel like a hard transition to switch and it still doesn’t – although it does feels sad to have lost so much early years content as well.

What will I write about?

This last few years have seen me do a lot of trying to bring back myself as an active participant in my own life rather than the just a mum tag. My Hi page will tell you about the journey up to here but post that I’ve been trying, where I can, to put the work in on me. I’ve signed up to courses to help my self worth, read books to expand my mind and encourage my creativity and imagination, talked to women about my own body image on Insta.

I’ll be sharing lots of different bits and it’s only right that I use my name for this blog rather than some phrase I’ve come up with. It feels more unedited, more raw and more personal. I hope you enjoy what I have to write!