4 DIY Tips To Build An IKEA Bed

Let’s face it, we all love flatpack furniture. No matter how hard we try and knock it, we all love the easy packaging and low price. However, what we don’t like is putting together some of the difficult items of furniture, specifically; beds.

It seems like IKEA, and other flat pack beds are just hard to assemble, and you always worried they’re not as sturdy as they should be. So, I’ve got a few DIY tips that will help you successfully build an IKEA bed in no time.


(Pexels: http://bit.ly/2pvcpRO)

Count Your Pieces Beforehand

IKEA and other flat pack furniture providers keep things easy and supply you with all the little bits and bobs you need. They also have an instruction manual to help you assemble your bed, and it will list all the screws and other pieces you’re supposed to have. Now, it’s important to count up all your pieces beforehand and check that you have everything. The last thing you want is to start putting your bed together and realise halfway through that you’re missing a crucial piece.

Have An Adhesive Handy

Normally, flat pack furniture only requires you to screw in some nails and occasionally hammer some down. But, I find that an adhesive can really help stick things together and make the joints feel a lot firmer and more sturdy. There are loads of options for glue that’s specifically made for furniture such as Kenyon Adhesives. You don’t have to lather it on everything, I just think it’s good on those joints that feel a bit wobbly and need some extra assistance.

Clear A Suitable Space In Your Bedroom & Use A Cover

It sounds obvious, but if you’re building a bed, you need to build it in your bedroom. You don’t want to feel all proud of your DIY skills only to realise you have to carry a fully made bed up to your room. So, clear a suitable space in your bedroom – remember, the packaging may be small, but the bed will be a lot bigger and take up more space. Plus, you need to get all the pieces out and place them in piles for easy access, and this takes up room. Also, make sure you use a cover on the floor just in case things get messy. With wooden bed frame, you could have wood shavings from the holes all over your floor.

Don’t Build It Alone

Most beds say on the instructions that they require two people to assemble. Listen to the instructions!! It will be a lot easy if you have multiple hands on deck to help you put up the bed. In fact, the more, the merrier. It means more stuff can get done at once, and you’ll build the bed a lot quicker.

There you have it; 4 tips to help you build an IKEA/flat pack bed! It may seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s much easier when you follow my advice. In fact, you can apply most of this advice to any DIY furniture assembling you need to do.



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