5 Affordable Breaks For Families

With winter coming towards us I am already thinking of how we can find an affordable family holiday during the next few months. One of the things I’d love to do with the children is travel more and as they get older I know that, for me, it will be easier to.

Here are my choices of affordable breaks:

Beach Holiday (or a bit of city a bit of sea)

I would love to do a little European break. It’s easy to travel on the Eurostar from St Pancras to Paris and then head onto the South for a little more sunshine! I would definitely love to do some wine tasting and so the kids could go nuts at Disneyland Paris before we spend the majority of the week somewhere near the sea.

The south of France is still warm at this time of year and so we can still dip our toes in the ocean. I used Clickstay to check out some fab options.

American Roadtrip

With Brighton having a two week break for the October half term it means you could fit in a road trip! Plan you travels in advance, hire a car and then search for villas for stays in between your travels to match you budget! We’ve found Florida holiday villas that fit in a family of 5 from as little as £500 per week. Of course we would have loads of fun at Disneyland and then put to experience a few other must go to places.

City Breaks

If you want yo stay closer to home how about a few days away in some cosey apartments in London? Seeing the UK  sites doesn’t have to be boring and a staycation is super affordable if you can’t think of a plane trip with the kids just yet! Pick an apartment from ClickStay in easy reach of the tube and you can have a week sight hopping with ease.


If you love nature then maybe camping is for you. Hopefully, the autumn month weather won’t be too chilly for you and the family to go out and enjoy yourselves. Camping can be so much fun and you can embrace the darker evenings to sleep under the stars. As a day activity you can create scavenger hunt sheets for the children for them to collect items in nature such as leaves and pinecones. This isn’t just fun and hands-on, it’s educational!


Finally if you are looking to save money ready for a summer holiday villa for next year then how about enjoying your home town? Brighton has the #BeMoreSnail Art Trail on at the moment and so this could be the perfect time to take in the city without the busy summer surge of people in the city.

You can pick up a copy of the Route Map at your local Martlets Charity Shop, or download it here and follow The Snailwayto discover each and every one of our  Snails.

Any of this take your fancy? If you are still looking for some half term holiday inspiration then this blog has some great last minute ideas! Where are you heading for your next holiday?



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