5 things to consider in a shared bedroom for children

As parents, we want to make sure that our children are as happy at home as possible. This means ensuring that they have a beautiful bedroom to relax, play, and sleep in. While if you’ve got a house with the right number of bedrooms for you and your little ones, this isn’t really an issue. As each child can have their bedroom designed in whatever way they want to. However, if you’ve not got a big enough house for each child to have their own room, this can be somewhat of an issue. Or, at least, it can seem like it is. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider from children bunk beds  to storage and general space!

Be smart when picking furniture

Regardless of the size of the room, if you’ve got two or more children sharing it, you need to be smart when picking furniture. You want to give your kids as much space for playing in as possible. That’s why it’s worth researching the best furniture options for a shared room. Having adequate storage space is essential, as is being creative about the sleeping arrangements. To save space, instead of having separate beds, consider investing in bunk beds or triple bunk beds, depending on how many kids share the room.

Get the colour scheme right

For children, the colour of their bedrooms is the most important thing. So it’s essential that when it comes to creating a shared space that they love, that you get the colour scheme right. Sit down together and ask each child what their favourite colour is, and then see what you can do with the colours that you’re given. It could be a case of splitting the room into different parts to give each child a ‘bedroom’ in the colour that they love. Or, if you’re creative about it, you may be able to combine the colours they love, to create a shared bedroom that is perfect for your little ones. If you’re stuck for inspiration, have a browse online – there should be plenty on home decor sites.

Take into account your children’s likes and interests

One of the most important things when creating any bedroom for a child is taking into account your kid’s interests. If you want them to love their bedroom, you need to design a space that appeals to them. This doesn’t have to mean cheesy designs that are overly bright and bold, but it does mean being creative. Think about what your children like and dislike – do they have any shared interests? If your kids have a shared interest, such as being pirate mad, for example, use that to create a beautiful bedroom for them. If your children don’t seem to have any shared interests, think outside the box. For instance, do all your kids love a trip to the zoo? If so, a zoo-themed bedroom could be ideal for them.

Let your children personalise the space

A mistake many parents make when designing bedrooms that their kids will love, is not allowing them to personalise it. It is, after all, their bedroom, which means that they should be able to personalise it in whatever way they want to. Take your children shopping for bits and bobs to personalise their bedroom. If it has a theme, allow each child to pick one themed piece to put in their room. This will help to personalise the space and make it somewhere that they love to be. Things like wall art, ornaments, and other accessories, are fantastic for personalising a space. As well as, for adding style.

Make it fun and functional

Last but not least, it’s important to create a balance between fun and function. Any child’s bedroom, shared or not, should always be a space that’s fun and functional. It needs to offer your children what they need from a bedroom, as well as being a space that they can play and have fun in. If you’re stuck for ideas of how to do this, take a look on Pinterest to get some inspiration. Believe it or not, creating a bedroom that’s fun and functional isn’t hard. You just need to know the best way to go about it; that’s all. Adding things like indoor basketball hoops, football goals, and stars the glow on the ceiling, are all it takes to add a little extra fun to a space.

A lot of parents think that creating a shared bedroom that their children love has to be a struggle. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. The key to success with shared bedroom design is knowing how to go about it and create a space that all your children will love.



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