5 Things To Do On A Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Over the next 2 days we will see the bringing of a Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. This special moon will be tinted with the red orange colour we usually see in a sunset. In the UK I’ll be waking just before 5am to make sure that I see a glimpse of it’s magic. My star sign, Aries, is one that particularly benefits from this type of moon as it encourages change and heightened emotions.

The moon also falls into Leo and this means it is the perfect time to think about our lessons from the last 12 months and how we will move forward after our year of learning.

So how can you use the power and strength of this moon to harness your power?

For me the most powerful thing to do is to open my journal and write a thanks for all the lessons I have learned and those yet to come. Journalling can focus the mind through the messiness in my own head and so by getting everything out on paper I create space to work on what I really need to.

Be mindful of your emotions. The Super Blood Moon will be one that is very emotionally charged. Think before you speak and make peace with those who don’t. Speak with intention and focus.

Give yourself permission for closure. Those things that do not serve you well – it is OK not to follow those paths/people. If you have found through your own writings that new possibilities arise now is the time to explore those more. Free your mind and gather ready for you next path.

Being creative and making sure that you have some element of creativity early in your day will serve your well for the day. Gentle yoga, painting or writing – who says you should reward yourself at the end of the day or project. Start the day with a gentle feeling fo peace with yourself will set you up for the day.

Nourish yourself. Feel open to new energies, accept things that you cannot change but move into a flow where your mind and body is nourished. This doesn’t just mean food, it means your entire self. How can you nourish yourself going forward. Think about your self care non negotiables as now is the time to work on them.


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