5 Tips For Your Home DIY Projects

5 Tips For Your Home DIY Projects.
It is no secret that in November we remortgaged our flat to complete work that has been needed for a while. With a limited budget we needed to make sure that we budgeted well and ensured we got the best from that budget. Here are a few things we have learnt along the way!
1) Get pinning! Pinterest is a great way of making sure you know what you want. I love the modern yet morraccan feel, clean lines and colour. It can be overwhelming but start by creating a board for each colour palette and then each room. I limited myself to an hour of pinning per board to see which made me focus!


2) Where you need to speak to a professional. It would’ve been lovely to hire a painter to do up our walls and woodwork however we can do this ourselves with the right clothing and materials saving over £100 per day (we were quoted 3 days for our kitchen and hallway alone!). We really did need to hire a qualified electrician and kitchen fitter. Some jobs you can do and some jobs you can’t! You need to think about what personal protections and tools you need.  For example if you need  to paint a room then we found that Engelbert Strauss offered painter cover fleece, cover sheets, rollers, brushes, spatulas which are all available here at reasonable prices and it meant we didn’t have to worry about getting kit to our house when we rely on public transport.

3) Give yourself a target completion date for each room. As we had booked carpet fittings in stages this meant we had to stick to the plan! We concentrated on Fizz’s room first (her carpet and walls were in good nick), then the living room as that needed a paint, new carpet and new sofa. The kitchen was our biggest piece of work and although it isn’t finished the rest of the room pretty much are which gives us a little bot of breathing space.
4) Make sure you choose the best quality for your budget. We did skimp a little and went to CarpetRight or our carpets. We can now see a join they had tried to hide in our living room by the doorway (frequented by toddlers at a stair-gate), forgot to give the fitters underlay for the same room, and our hallway isn’t tucked well enough under the skirting and so feel loose and bubbled in places. I wish we had invested a little more on a good supplier and fitter team (the local branch don’t answer the phones or get back to you when you complain via customer services either). 
5) Lastly support local! Where we have been able to we have tried to support local and independent online stores for our furniture and fittings. It helps that there is such a large online variety these days so you wont be short of help!
So what tips would you add for someone else doing up their home on a budget?

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