5 Ways To Get Things Done

As a freelancer it can be hard to stay motivated and on track. My daily routine can change depending on what happens with the kids or work. A balance can seem so unreachable. Here are a few ways that help me get things done.

Grab a notebook

Each week I grab a notebook and my journal and plan out my week. This means that I don’t feel overwhelmed each day and I have a checklist of things to complete. I know where I stand if i have a checklist and there is no way I miss anything or leave anything out. I use different colours for work/home and family life.

Download a timer app

If you are like me and working from home a timer can keep you on track. Online procrastination or washing machine distraction can be a constant so use a timer for each task. If you’ve limited time it means you focus more because the clock is ticking next to you. Also great if you have clients you charge by the hour.

Do things in batches

Running social media accounts I have learned that it is more time productive to combine time. If you need images across all accounts set your time on them in one go rather than flitting between accounts. You’ll be much more productive if you combine one area at a time. At home focus on one room at a time rather than little bits here and there.

Set some time for you

It is essential to set some time. Take a break away from housework or the computer. Spend 15 mins at least doing something for you. Grab a cuppa and a book. Make sure you have some lunch. I tend to make sure that at the end of a work session I have enough time to grab a shower or a bath, pop some music on and switch off for 30 minutes.

Lastly find a journalling way that fits you. All of the above can be done together on a sunday to make sure you feel focussed for the week. I totally recommend a planner that has a note page next to every week or check out bullet journal ideas.

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