5 Ways Your Lounge Can Say “Welcome”

The living room is the first room that most people walk into in their home. It’s the place where you can collapse at the end of a long day at work. The one thing you want is for the place you relax to be beautiful, inviting and warm when you walk into it. There’s nothing worse than a space you’re supposed to feel at ease in being cluttered, unorganised and cold.

You may have spent a lot of time doing up your living room when you first moved into your house, but that doesn’t mean you will always like how you have decorated it. Your living room should reflect your lifestyle and personality, so if you’re a lover of art then it’s expected to have quirky art pieces or funky prints on the walls. Those who love the finer things in live may love Versace cushions dotted around the sofas and Jasper Conran rugs on the floor by the fire. Your personality should be splashed around the living room and even if you aren’t the type of person who is particularly open, that doesn’t mean your lounge can’t be. Walking into your lounge should make you feel comfortable, safe and at ease and if it doesn’t, then it’s time to take our tips to make it as cosy as possible!


  1. Make A Nest. Some people love the space that you get in the lounge compared to the other rooms in the house. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of that space and turning the room into a bedroom! This doesn’t mean bringing in all your clothes and adding a sleigh bed like this one, but swapping your couch for a sofa bed that is just as squashy as the usual couch options. Your living room doesn’t have to be a hugely formal affair, so go the quirky route!
  2. That’s Entertainment! Most living rooms are home to the household entertainment unit. This is filled with a TV, video games and possibly surround sound, making your living room the central space for fun. Cosy living rooms need sunshine, laughter and happiness and this is all hand in hand with entertainment.
  3. Insulate. Cosy rooms need to retain the heat, so look at the size of the room you have and work out where you can insulate to keep the heat in. Beautifully hung, thick curtains on the windows can give your living room a transformed look and also keep the cold outside. You can even add this fabric wallpaper to give your room a textured, artsy look!
  4. Inject Colour. If you want a room to reflect your personality, are you going to leave it magnolia or are you going to splash your favourite colours across it? You’re more likely to feel the room is welcoming if you have accents of colour dotted around that can complement the furniture.

Your living room should be all kinds of inviting and this is going to come down to your personal tastes. Make it pop and it will always be a room you want to be in.


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