6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Family-Friendly

When you have children, it’s almost impossible to enjoy a long, hot bubble bath in a luxury bathroom unless you are staying in a hotel. A bath without rubber ducks falling onto your legs or foam letters stuck in places you should never have foam letters is simple bliss! Unfortunately, most families are not in a position where they can have more than one bathroom in the house.

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As much as this would be idyllic, it’s simply not practical unless you have a lot of money and space to add one in. It would be wonderful for the kids to have a bathroom purely for their luridly coloured shampoos, toys and soaps. This bathroom would be away from your clawfoot bathtub with the separate waterfall shower and the GU10 LED spotlights that give you ambient lighting that makes you look beautiful. Alas, instead you have to share, which means you need to make your bathroom as family-friendly as possible so that you can enjoy a shared bathroom a bit better. We’ve put together some of the best tips we know so you can feel relaxed in a bathroom you share at home.

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  1. Colour. You don’t have to sacrifice your expensive tastes by adding fluorescent wall paint to the bathroom, but you can add splashes of colour to show a little personality. It’s always nice to add some colour to a room without adding cartoon stickers and tacky themes. You should have style and be bold, without being immature.
  2. Furniture. Children often need a helping hand getting onto the toilet and washing their hands, so you will need a step stool and a child-sized toilet seat like this one so that you can keep your bathroom friendly to the little ones. If you don’t want to have a stool sitting in the middle of the bathroom, get one that easily folds to be put away.
  3. Hooks. Usually, hooks for dressing gowns and towels are hung pretty high out of reach. You can still keep this feature, but a little further down below the current hooks, add children’s ones. This way, the adult towels and gowns can be at the top and the children have their own individual hook to put their own towel onto.
  4. Tidy. Bathrooms that are shared with children are increasingly cluttered with toys and children’s toiletries. Buy wire baskets or bathroom tidies like these that suck to the walls and keep all the toys out of the way. You can then still enjoy your bubble bath without an invasion of rubber ducks!
  5. Natural. If your bathroom if a neutral colour and full of natural wood, then add a funky shower curtain or bath mat to make it all a little more interesting for the kids. Doing this can really give your bathroom the element of fun without going overboard.
  6. Luxuries. The candles you use to line the bath for your time in there should always be out of reach, but keep the funky bubble hand wash that smells like fruit within reach for the children – there’s got to be a balance!

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