7 Things You Miss About Winter (When It’s Summer)

Summer is meant to be the season that everyone loves. The days are longer; the sun is in the sky; flowers are in bloom and all just seems right with the world. As the months stretch on, you can find yourself delighting in what feels like a time of endless opportunity.


Well, for most of it anyway.


Then there are the summer days where it’s so hot you can barely do anything; when the humidity creeps up and your temper rises with it. The days when you find yourself thinking back over the darkness of winter, and suddenly realising that perhaps it wasn’t all that bad at all. Here are seven things to miss about winter, especially when compared to the summer months…


#1 – Physical Contact


Want to curl up and watch a movie with your significant other, cat curled on your lap, dog chilling at your side?

Yeah, good luck doing that in summer. It’s too hot for physical contact with anyone. Instead, you want to spread out like a starfish and not come into contact with anything – including, if possible, the furniture. Of course, if you do have to sit with bare skin against a piece of furniture, you’ll then have to pretty much peel yourself off of it when you want to stand up.


#2 – The Feeling Of Going From Cold To Warm


“Warming up” is one of the most evocative feelings that we can experience. Think of the scene:


You finally get home from work, the cold nipping at your every move. You slam the door, shed your outer layers, and begin the process of finally warming up. You thank a previous you for remembering the essentials of a classic cosy night in; the marshmallows, the fuzzy blankets,  the hot chocolates, the fuel for wood burning stoves, the comforting television shows. You settle in and finally, thanks to all of the aforementioned, begin to thaw.


Isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world? It’s far easier to warm up than cool down, so summer just can’t compete on this one.


#3 – Only Sweating When You Start Working Out


There a few fitness-related things more irritating than being hot and sweaty before you have ever begun your workout. In summer, working out means making yourself physically uncomfortable for the sake of your health. In winter, it’s a necessary task to keep warm without running up a huge heating bill!


#4 – Not Having To Look At Holiday Pictures


So your colleagues / friends / family have been on holiday – and now that’s all your social media shows. Endless snaps of sunsets, multiple people crammed into the frame in bikinis, and of course the essential “hotdog legs” photos.


Let’s be honest: holiday pictures are only of interest to the people who have been on the holiday. For everyone else, they’re a nuisance, which can make using social media during summer feel like an endless slog of boredom.


#5 – The Holiday Season

It’s almost impossible to mention winter without tipping a hat to its crowning glory: the holiday season. The excitement of Christmas never quite leaves us, meaning that by the time December rolls around, every day just feels that little bit more special than the ones during the summer.


#6 – Being Able To Book Time Off Work Whenever You Want

When it comes to taking time off work during the summer, it’s a nightmare. Some people have been hyper-organised and booked their holidays months in advance; everyone else just has to scrabble for the crumbs that are left. As for taking time off at short notice: forget about it, there’s not a chance.


This isn’t a problem that exists in winter, especially in the pre-Christmas period when everyone is working hard to earn their holiday money. If you want to take time off then it’s far easier to arrange, making your life that little bit easier.


#7 – The Promise Of Snow

Perhaps because snow is such a rarity in the UK, we’re all mildly obsessed with the white stuff. If so much as a few flakes begin to fall, social media erupts with joy and people rush outside to try and build snowmen out of the meagre offerings. All of winter can feel like one long wait for that final glorious snow day that makes you feel like a kid again.


There’s just no equivalent to this for summer. So while summer might be the best season, there’s no doubt about it: winter


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