8 Home Décor Changes That Will Improve Your Health

Imagine if your home could make your healthy? It can seem like a bold statement – and of course, it is – but why wouldn’t it be possible that the décor you choose to live in had an impact on your well-being? Naturally, for the point of this article, your décor is set in a westernised home, with all the necessary facilities such as running water and electricity. It would be vain for the purpose of the article to start in an insalubrious place. Therefore let’s assume that your house is a normal home that doesn’t present any risk of contamination or collapsing. In other words, it’s your home as you know it. Your interior décor defines your environment. Consequently, it is logical to assume that the state of this environment can affect your health, whether physical or mental. After all, the home is part of who you are. Here are eight tips you’ve never thought about, and that can significantly improve your health while being primarily focused on improving your home interior.

#1. Get Your Sleep Back

There’s a saying that seems to indicate that in modern life sleep is completely overrated In truth, you need your sleep, not only for the obvious beauty reason – lack of sleep doesn’t turn you into a beauty queen – but also because your body and your brain need the rest time. Lack of sleep can have serious consequences on your mental health, as you find that you can’t concentrate or can’t even think properly. But, getting the necessary sleep starts by creating the right atmosphere for it. In other words, this means that your bed needs to be perfect for your needs. As a rule of the thumb, you should be looking to change your mattress every 6 to 8 years. Indeed, your body changes, and even if it hasn’t, the mattress can begin to lose firmness and support. Changing your mattress – and even changing the bed if needs be – is part of your path towards your healthy sleep. Additionally, your bedroom is your sanctuary. Keeping colours neutral and fresh will help you to fall asleep more easily.  

#2. Boost Up Your Mood

You may not be aware of it, but 20% of the American population is affected by what is called SAD disorder, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. The ratio is a little higher in the UK, as experts estimate that up to 25% of Britons suffer from SAD. The characteristic of this specific disorder is that it is a depressive state that occurs only during the cold months of the year when the amount of sunlight is limited. Sunlight has a huge influence on your mood indeed. While you may not notice it, the presence of natural sunlight affects the production of endorphins, the happiness hormone. What this means for your home décor is that you need to consider your window as a key decorative element. Ditch the heavy curtains and let the sunlight in. Use the light as a decorative accent in large rooms, which is an element way of changing the mood of the room with the seasons.

#3. Clear Up The Kitchen

The kitchen is the room of your home that needs the most attention. Primarily because it is the room that you use every day and that is the most likely to require additional cleaning. But cleaning the kitchen thoroughly doesn’t stop at cleaning the oven or the hob. Have a look at your food cupboards, which can attract unwanted visitors if they are full of crumbs and open packs of food. Make also sure to clean your fridge, as this will keep your appliances energy-efficient. Once, you’ve considered the cleaning part, remember the healthy approach. Make sure that your kitchen doesn’t have any unhealthy food. Getting rid of your deli slices will not only keep the fridge smelling fresh but also remove a heavy source of salt and nitrate in your diet.  Jars of pickles should not be stored in your kitchen. Despite the risk that they represent as most households keep open jars for several months, they have no nutrient for your body. They are wasted calories. Apple and cranberries juices, when bought in packs, tend to be loaded with unhealthy sugar. From a storage perspective, they also take a lot of room in your kitchen – you could replace them with fresh fruits.

#4. Fight Off Respiratory Diseases

Where is the moisture produced in a healthy home? The answer is in the bathroom – that is assuming that you don’t have a leak in the structure or that your insulation solution is strong. Your bathroom produces the largest amount of moisture in your home, every single day as you take a shower. For old bathrooms, it is likely that you have to clean the mould growth from the wall every weekend. Even if it is only a small cloud, a mouldy patch needs to be treated in depth to disappear fully. The effects of mould on your health are significant, as it can cause asthma and other respiratory issues for children and people with a weak immune system. In other words, if your bathroom is over 5-year-old, it is likely that a change of design with modern bathroom gears – you can find them here – can facilitate ventilation and protect your health. A modern shower doesn’t present a porous risk for mould infiltration, for instance. In short, if you find that the bathroom could be cleaner, don’t hesitate to start fresh with new equipment and a thorough sanitization of the walls.

#6. Refocus Your Attention

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know how to order your thoughts anymore? There is too much going on at the same time. If this is the case, you might want to consider the impact of your environment on your mind. A crammed and messy room makes it difficult for the mind to concentrate. The art of decluttering your home is part of the minimalist approach to home décor and helps you to get rid of the unnecessary elements that clutter the house. More importantly, a clean and clear room offers the ideal background for your thoughts. Start by removing everything that you haven’t used in over a year, from clothes to kitchen utensils. Yes, that little black dress might be cute, but it is pointless if it only collects dust and takes room in the wardrobe.

#7. Increase Your Mental Health

Colour affects your mood. For instance, bright colours can make you feel cheerful even during dark times. Consequently using bright and happy colours as part of your interior décor will have an impact on your mood. But surprisingly enough, certain colours can do more than making you feel happy. They help you to learn and focus. Peachy orange is a shade that stimulates the mind, for example. Green is a good colour for learning and studying – it’s one that you want to consider in your kid’s bedroom. Combine green with pale blue, which has a calming effect, to design the perfect homework area where kids can learn peacefully and with excitement for knowledge.  

#8. Let The Energy Flow

Reiki masters agree that you need to find your energy in your environment to feel strong. Consequently, they’ve recommended a series of indispensable items to help you create energy portals in your home. This starts with scented candles to establish a daily routine that helps your mind to relax. Using raw stones, such as quartz stones, is the best way to create a direction connection to positive vibrations, according to energy healers. So build your way to an energised home.  



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