About Chelle

What can I say about me, my journey and my life?

I have been blogging since May 2009 on a variety of subjects and blogs – predominantly writing about parenting and more recently branching out into the self care/wellness sector.

The owner of one 9 year old (going on 19) and two boys aged 3 and 4. It’s getting hectic around here that’s for sure!

I am also a copywriter and have also blogged for BabyCentre, Mummy and Little Me and BritMums.

You can now also find me at Moontime Magazine– an empowerment site for women launching on the 20th January 2019.

As a mum to 3 young children you can imagine that life has been a little overwhelming at points.

I hit above that level of overwhelm when our youngest turned 4 months. I started to find everything incredibly hard and wanted to just retreat into my own little bubble. There are lots of ways to cope when things get tough but my way is a bit different.

During 2017 I started training to be a life coach. I have loved supporting some fabulous parents in a private facebook group and will be opening it up in 2019 in the hope I can support mums (and dads) through that crazy journey you take from pregnancy and beyond. I found in my own journey through post natal depression that peer support was a lifesaver after my referral for counselling was delayed again and again.

It’s really important for me to be proactive so I spent most of 2018 giving myself permission to start to focus on my own self care too and I’d been toying with a more laid back but informative blog. It os OK to say that you need help and to give yourself space to look after YOU!

This website is a place for all women to come and feel a little bit more supported as well organised. I’ll be sharing daily gratitude, rituals and tips on how I try and keep my shit together!

I hope you like it!

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