Add Some Personality To Your Home

People have different dreams when it comes to property. Some imagine retiring to the country, in a barn conversion with two story windows that look out over rolling hills. Others want to have that townhouse in a leafy suburb of that buzzy city they fell in love with while at university. But while this may be the endgame, most home-owning journeys start with a delightful new-build.

Being the first to hold those keys is a magical realization. Your home has never been lived in, it’s up to date with the latest everything, the place is fresh and clean and you were able to find a help-to-buy scheme that made all of this possible. There is one battle you may find yourself having, though, and that is decorating. It is making this house your home.

Here are our top tips on how to put your personality on the place straight away and without delay.

Beautify The Bathroom

Think about your morning routine. You wake up, smile and then go for a shower. So getting the bathroom spot a little bit of you is one of the best ways to start feeling like this is home. The great news is, you’re in a new-build and that means the bathroom will be nice. It just needs some personality. A lick of paint, some art on the walls, some flowers or a matching set of bath mats; anything that will add a little bit of you to your place.

Luxury-Looking Curtains

The fastest way to add that luxury feeling to a room is to put up some high-quality curtains. That will make every room you walk into pop that little bit more. To go that one step further, grabs some curtain fabric from here yourself and get your drapes custom-made. This will let you put your stamp on a room, whether it be a particular color or pattern you like, or curtains so long they puddle on the floor. It is totally your call.

Bedroom Feature Wall

The days of having a gorgeous headboard that spans from one side of your bed to the other and stops your head hitting the wall are over. Nowadays, one of the most impactful ways of decorating your bedroom is to have a feature wall behind your bed, one that stretches as high and wide as it can, filling that void with luxury. The larger the space the more wow-factor it will have. It could be a texture you go with, or a pattern, or a color. A big bit of you is about to burst onto the scene.

Lovely Bit Of Landscaping

While the majority of your new-build home will be state of the art, your garden will probably let you down a bit. New-builds rarely come with any form of elaborate garden. This is your chance to make a huge improvement on your home, to make your little slice of the great outdoors exactly the way you want it. You can get some amazing ideas from, but think about adding different levels, a dining area with pagoda, a seated area with a firepit centerpiece or a garden room you can drop an office into. This is your chance to use your garden however you want to, so run with it.


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