Age-Proof Your Garden For Elderly Relatives



You will no doubt want to make sure that your garden and outdoor spaces can be used and enjoyed by your whole family. That includes your young children and your elderly relatives.


When it comes to adapting your garden so that it is suitable for elderly parents and relatives, your main aim is to make sure that you minimize any risks and hazards that might pose a problem to them. Read on, and I’ll run through a few changes and additions that can make a big difference.


Level All Paths And Paving


Sometimes paths and pavings through a garden can be quite uneven and bumpy. This might be perfectly fine for you and your kids, but it can prove very difficult for elderly relatives to walk over. Especially if they suffer from a mobility problem or disability. So, if you do notice that there are some bumps and lumps in your pathways, it’s important that you level them off as soon as possible so that there is no chance of any accidents!


Regularly Clean Paths


As well as making sure that all of the paths in your garden are level, you should also make sure that you clean them regularly. When paths and paving aren’t cleaned, they will develop a layer or moss and moisture. This will make them extremely slippery underfoot. Keeping them nice and clean will remove any risk of your elderly relatives slipping on them as they walk through the garden.


Add Some Decking Or A Patio


As well as slippery paths, lawns and grassy areas can also be a bit too slippery for old people to walk across. So, it’s a good idea to add some decking to your garden so that your elderly relatives can sit out on a hard and steady area. This decking will also be perfect for outdoor dining as you will be able to place your outdoor furniture on it. Make sure that it isn’t too far from the entrance into your home so that your relatives don’t have too far to walk to it.


Invest In Suitable Tools


Do your elderly relatives enjoy helping out in the garden? It’s a popular hobby among the older generations, so don’t be surprised if your parents want to get out into your garden and lend a helping hand! To help them do so, you should buy some suitable tools. For instance, you might want to buy them a kneeling mat so that they can kneel down and work in the garden without hurting their knees and legs. Lightweight shovels and garden forks will also make it easier for them compared to heavy tools. Carrying equipment, like wheelbarrows and hessian sacks can make it easier for them to carry materials with them around the garden. That way, they won’t end up putting their back out!


Once you’ve made these additions to your garden, you will find that your elderly relatives can start to use the garden a lot more than what they used to!


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