Alternative Ways To Self Care

As mindfulness is becoming an increasingly popular movement why not think about finding your inner peace this Spring. There are so many ways to look after yourself that aren’t about a spa experience!

If you have a few minutes everyday why not think about trying meditation. It can really help you balance and give your life an element of calm.

Invest in a new hobby is a great way to release pent up emotions. I love adult colouring books and have recently found a bullet journalling to be another great way to feel more at ease with the business of life. Switch off from the TV and social media and get creative.

Create a plan. I know this seems like one of those ‘yes I do that’ suggestions but planning up the next week or even two can really help release those daily tensions of feeling overwhelmed. I use a customised planner for everything. I copy a simple style bullet journal into it and have a daily and weekly checklist. It does make me feel freer to know I’ve done everything I planned for the day. However do leave room for flexibility.

Lastly try and get outside. Not to do anything like food shopping or such like errands but just grab a mat, sit out and breathe in the world. Take note of your beautiful surroundings and relax. If you find it hard to sit still then grab your camera and snap away!

What tips do you have for finding your inner peace?


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  1. March 23, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    I said I would read this post later but I really couldn’t wait that long. I really want to start meditation. My life feels so crazy busy right now. It’s not really but there’s lots of exiting stuff happening with Worthing Mums and my photography so it feels all a bit exiting and mental. It’s all good but I can’t turn off, I think it and then at night I dream it. I need to switch off in a whole different way, like completely. I think I can only do this with meditation!

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