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And Baby makes 3 (well 4 with the cat!)

The past two weeks have passed us by in a bit of a whirlwind. We have learnt how to interpret most of Isobel’s needs by either the pitch of her cry or the expressions she has shown us. A pouting shows us we will soon need to change her nappy, a cry with a whoop at the end is for winding and a sticking her tongue out means she would like some food. It is brilliant how we have already managed to figure some of these signs out and obviously makes it a easier for us to know what Isobel wants.

I will say that the lack of sleep in the later stages of pregnancy does nothing to prepare you for the constant feeling of wanting to check a newborn whether it be for breathing, feeding, nappy changes or winding. A friend of ours gifted us the ability of sleep. I cannot recommend a motion/sound baby sensor enough. One element of this gadget is the sensor pad that lays underneath the crib mattress and monitors the baby’s movement. An alarm goes off if the baby doesn’t move for 20 seconds. A fantastic and reassuring buy for any parent with a baby. Our little one is quite alert so we are trying incorporate playtime into her day and we are hoping to form a routine of sorts. This is of course difficult when you are demand feeding.

Breast feeding proved difficult for the first week or so. I constantly questioned if she was getting enough food as well as taking into consideration my very low iron levels (the hospital suggested a blood transfusion and I have opted to take iron tablets over a long period of time instead) and extreme tiredness. It may be controversial but we decided to introduce a formula feed while I was finding my feet with motherhood and breastfeeding. This was ideal for both of us as it meant hubby could bond with baby through feeding, as well as every other element of parenthood each evening, and I got the rest I needed. Now I’m trying to express enough to replace the formula. The times I get close to expressing a full bottle make me extremely happy.

I find the simplest pleasure comes from being able to provide for my daughter and each day feel a little bit more in tune with what she needs. Obviously cuddles go a long way too!