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Has Pregnancy Made Me A Crap Parent?

Pregnancy is tough enough without throwing a couple of children into the mix. During pregnancy number 2, at least my 5-year-old daughter had some understanding of what was going on, and with nursery for my 1-year-old son, the days were broken up. Fast forward to my third pregnancy (just over a year since my last) and it was a struggle most days to be the parent I’d like to be.

Anyone with a 15 month old knows at this stage they want adventure. They want to explore and all of this is brilliant. It’s such a fun time when they start to toddle and want to try new things.

Throw a heavily pregnant mama into the mix and this all changes. Those joyous milestones turn up and you’re lacking energy to enjoy them.

Here are a few things I spent my pregnancy thinking I should do:

I should be getting out of the house on a daily basis
I shouldn’t be sitting around in PJs all day (bathing and then changing into fresh ones)
I should be doing a school run and going to the park
I shouldn’t be relying on children’s telly so I can have a rest
I should be doing more arts/crafts sensory play at home
I shouldn’t be relying on an online food order to make sure we have enough lunchbox style snacks
I shouldn’t be asking the 5 year old to help me as much as I do

The reality:

At half term the TV was on everyday
Downloading free games for the 5 year old to play while I do nap times with the toddler
Lots more lazy days than days out with adventures and fresh air
Made the food shop an easy picnic style one so we can grab food (lunch) within seconds

And the stuff we’ve loved doing, but has meant we can stay at home and in close proximity to a toilet! 

Bought out lots of paper and paints to have a craft table to make Christmas gifts
Read books everyday
Had snuggles/cuddles and as many kisses as each person wanted
Had a friend for a play day
Visited our local garden centre for lunch (it’s 5 minutes from our house)