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Time to stand up tall ready to become a mother

This week I had a conversation where it was praised that rather than being boring with baby clothes, toys etc I am more concerned with the way I will raising my daughter.

Since becoming pregnant rather than shy away from opinion I find myself becoming more able to share how other people, strangers and known, conversations and choices make me feel.

I suppose this has shown if you re read my blog from the beginning showing opinions on mothers I have seen on the street to maternity care.

Now I find myself questioning other areas of my life more and what I need to change to ensure my daughter feel that she can openly discuss her issues, choices, concerns and feelings.

I want my daughter to become a confident woman who feels able to understand and discuss what life throws at her be that bullies at school or even showing her parents up if she has different beliefs/ideals when she is older. Basically I want her to be brave, be able to be herself and express herself.

If I cannot do something as simple as stand up and defend myself to someone who pushes past me with my obvious bump to get onto a bus, someone that makes a comment on the way I dress or write then how can I convey to my daughter that it is ok to be open if something is wrong and upsetting and that she should be proud in her ability to stand up and be counted.

I am quite sure that if I hadn’t become pregnant all my wingeing would have been behind closed doors to my husband or close friends but now I throughly believe that there is no life without a challenge and now I want to be confident enough to stand up and be counted when it is neccesary. I throughly believe my daughter has already taught me some great life lessons and I don’t want her to see a mother that hides away from difficult situations as she will only do the same by seeing me do that. I am important to her life and she in mine and that means sometimes being ready for a challenge. When I say challenge I do not mean a challenge that is an agressive one. I will encourage my daughter to create debate or discussion around issues and learn from it respecting that others may have their own opinions. I am sure motherhood will provide me with lots more important lessons as well as this one has.

So how have you been during pregnancy? Has pregnancy made you a wall flower or someone that has challenged their own and others behaviour to provide a different kind of role model to your child/children?