Up Your Asking Price: These Are The Features That Homebuyers Love!

When you’re selling your home, you of course want to get the best price possible for it. Not only do you want to get back the money you’ve put in, but secure as much as possible for buying your next home. When you’re planning on getting out of the place you are now, the last thing you will probably want to do is invest more money into the property. However, if you want to maximise your profits it’s well worth doing so, anything you spend now will pay off massively when it comes to your asking price. Here are some of the features homebuyers love, whether you’re planning on selling now or in the future are worthy upgrades.


Off-Road Parking

Many homes and streets were built at a time when cars were less popular. Some very old streets in particular can be very narrow, and parking can be a nightmare. One of the things buyers will be looking for when choosing a home is whether there’s off road parking, not only will this make their car insurance cheaper but it’s more convenient, and there’s less chance of their vehicle getting damaged. If you have space at the side of your house, you could have a single or double garage built. You don’t usually need planning permission for this, and companies can have them put up within a couple of days. Choose some nice doors to put on the front since this will affect the kerb appeal of the property, there are all kinds of styles and designs you can go for you can find out more here. If you don’t have space at the side or front of your house, but you do have a front garden, it can be worth transforming this into a driveway. Many properties have already done this, so chances are, others in your street have taken the lead if this is an option for you. You can always leave borders around the side of the drive and fill these with plants and flowers to maintain the look of your home.


A Practical Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a space that’s so well used needs to be right. It’s one of the main areas buyers will be assessed when they come into the home since a new kitchen will be expensive to install. You could have a new kitchen fitted, alternatively, you could upcycle what you already have. If you have solid wooden units, for example, these can be painted with cupboard paint to completely switch up the look without spending much. Alternatively, if the cupboards are still in good condition (and the layout makes sense) you could simply replace the cupboard doors. Far cheaper than a brand new kitchen but really brings everything up to date. New tiles and a coat of paint will make any kitchen look fresh and new. Another trick is to update your kitchen tap. This one small feature can modernise the space and make it look far more expensive. Avoid clutter, keep everything simple and minimal.

If buyers can see that you’re struggling for space, they will think that they will too. If you have an unused nook or a boiler cupboard, transform this into a pantry for much needed extra storage space- it’s a feature buyer will love.

Two or More Bathrooms

Another feature that buyers will be looking for these days is two or more bathrooms. Busy family life and waiting around to use the bathroom in the morning can be a source of stress, so houses with additional bathrooms will definitely stand out. You could transform a downstairs cupboard into a small WC, or you could add an ensuite onto the master bathroom. If you’re renovating the attic, basement or an outbuilding, these are places you will need to consider adding bathrooms too. Go for good finishes in the bathroom, as like this kitchen it’s an area buyers will be carefully looking at. Tiled from top to bottom in neutral, inoffensive looking tiles that will stand the test of time is your best bet. In small areas you could add a stand-up shower cubicle instead of a bath, and if you wanted to go a little luxurious, you could add underfloor heating. These are all things that will make your property stand out from the crowd, and people will pay a lot of money for a house containing them. make sure you update your blinds too (we love the ones here).



Most of us would love to live in a huge home, but few of us can afford to do so. That means we have to take smaller homes and make them work, so for the majority of home buyers, space and storage is likely to be high on their list. Beautiful built in wardrobes are always a perk in the home, because they can be fitted floor to ceiling giving you an enormous amount of storage without having to jut out too far into the room. Sturdy, built in shelves work well too- if you have a fireplace wall that sticks out, you could install some floating shelves to fit perfectly either side. Again, a pantry in the kitchen would work well, and make the most of any cupboards you have. Fit sturdy shelves or hanging rails in them- show a buyer that there’s plenty of space to store things like vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, cleaning products, coats, shoes and everything else. Having your home nicely presented when people are viewing is key too, show them how the space could work for them and sell them an ideal living situation.


Nice Decor

You might love the look of bold colour and pattern and love to display your personal trinkets and accessories in your home. However, most homebuyers aren’t likely to feel the same way. When you decide to sell your property, it should no longer be about how you like it to look. Instead, it needs to appeal to as many people as possible. You can do this by removing wallpaper, having any bad plaster skimmed and painting everywhere a light, neutral colour. This helps to make the most of the space and make everywhere look bright and airy. It also means a buyer isn’t being distracted by your own personal touches and can imagine themselves in the home instead. White, cream or light grey also work well, if you have colourful or patterned carpets (or they just look old and worn) replacing them with some inexpensive hard wearing neutral coloured carpets instead is a good move. It makes the property look ‘move in ready’- buyers don’t have to worry about taking the time and effort to redecorate or re-carpet before moving their stuff in. Move in ready homes always attract a higher asking price.


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Eco Features

We all know we should be doing more when it comes to saving the planet. Many of us these days carefully recycle, compost and use energy efficient bulbs to reduce our carbon footprint. But a lot of wasted energy still comes from the home, although properties with eco-friendly features help to reduce this. Energy efficient windows, cavity wall and loft insulation and solar panels are all examples of the things you can add. Modern buyers love them as it helps them care for the planet while also reducing their energy bills.


A Nice Garden

As well as the property itself, potential buyers will also want to see what outside space you have available. Keep everything looking neat and tidy and maximise the space. This means putting things like tools and kids toys into a shed or garage while you’re conducting viewings. Make sure you have a patio area, and keep any grass and shrubs neat and maintained. Decking is a feature that buyers love, and done well is something that can add significant value to your home. It’s smart and looks good in small and large gardens alike. Have an outdoor table and chairs displayed along with some potted plants- you’re selling your buyers a lifestyle. Show them the kind of life they could be leading for their summer weekends and evenings. You could spend a little more and have your garden landscaped which would definitely set your property apart and mean it’s more likely to get snapped up for the best price. At the very least, everything should look neat and tidy. It doesn’t take much to sprinkle down some grass seed to revitalise a worse for wear lawn. Or to spend an afternoon pruning back plants and weeding. It will make all the difference.


Are you putting your home on the market soon? Will you be trying any of these tricks in order to get a higher asking price?


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