Baby On The Way? Why a Self Build Could Be Your Best Option

When you have a baby on the way, your thoughts may turn to how well equipped your home is to deal with the demands of your new arrival.While it’s possible to maximise the space you have to accommodate your new baby, most of us would rather give our new addition some space to grow and develop.  


For many of us, however, larger properties remain elusively outside of our price range. But perhaps there is another way… Self building. Sounds like an unattainable pipe dream? Well, read on!


The public perception of self built properties has been coloured disproportionately by the kinds of ostentatious projects featured on TV programs like Grand Designs. The truth, however, is that self building is a perfectly viable option for many parents and parents to-be who are frustrated by the stagnation of our property market and want to ensure that their children can start their lives in a wonderful new home that’s made with them in mind.


Believe it or not, over 13,000 people a year from all kinds of backgrounds with a wide range of incomes build their own houses. It’s appeals not only to parents-to-be, but to young couples who want to get a foot on the ladder or retirees looking to downsize. Self built properties are hugely multifaceted from huge barn conversions to tiny one-bedroom cottages.


Build around your baby’s needs


While every house buyer wants to make their home their own, a self build allows you to built the property around your needs, and those of your new baby. Developed homes are like a selection box, you pretty much have to get what we’re given. A self build allows us to build a home uniquely suited to your personal taste the priorities of your growing family. With the help of building surveyors and architects, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.


Gone is the ‘one size fits all’ approach that permeates developed properties. You can not only build a home specifically around your own needs, but to circumvent the risks and hazards that babies face around the home in your building choices. And let’s not forget the pleasure of knowing that your baby will spend their formative years in a nursery designed specifically for them.


Cheaper than you may think!


If you think that the cost of a self build is prohibitive, then you may be pleasantly surprised. Unlike a property developer, who builds with a projected profit margin in mind, you can get far better value for money. There are very few areas in which bespoke products offer better value than pre-fabricated, but it’s the status quo in property.


Moreover you’ll probably pay much less in Stamp Duty Land Tax since taxation is only due on the plot of land you develop on and not the property itself. There are also significant savings to be made on VAT, too. New build homes are zero-rated for VAT so you won’t have to pay a penny of the tax on your labour costs.


When you have a baby on the way, you want to give them the best possible start in life, and a new build home may be a great and surprisingly cost effective way to do exactly that.


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