Things That Make Me Smile

I love a bit of a gratitude and also sharing things that make me happy. I think positivity can have a bit of a knock on affect with others so here without delay are things (product based) that have made me happy recently.

Beach Hut Mug from Jin Designs.

One of the little luxuries of life is the humble cup of coffee. I love a pretty mug and was a sucker for this gorgeous beach hut mug from Jin Designs. It actually made me happy in two ways – it’s a local to me business and it is rather pretty! Plus its £8.95 in the sale too. Winner!

If you’re like me and insta your mugs let me know!

Splashes of colour and a hint of organisation from Jester Watch.

I followed Jester Watch over on instagram recently and they offered me the chance to design my own watch. This independent brand is really all about putting the colour into your life with thousands of endless possibilities as you design your own watch! Donna from the brand is super friendly and it’s super exciting to be part of supporting this start up too. I opted for a mix of pastels and brights for my watch.

I haven’t had a watch for over 10 years but with this summer and 3 kids to time manage, a business course and meetings it’s been essential to get to places on time.

I think because I have specifically chosen the colour of each element and made it me makes it all the more special and I’ve promised Fizz one for christmas too.

Lastly I am loving my Valentines necklace from Rock Cakes.

This is guaranteed to brighten up any outfit at the moment. I live in darker clothes mostly so it’s lovely to add a splash of colour – it’s like wearing that favourite lippy!

I’d love to know what is making you happy this week!



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  1. April 22, 2018 / 3:05 pm

    Ooh what a great idea for a post! 🙂 I love that watch, the colours are amazing and that necklace from Rock Cakes is also gorgeous! My favourite thing that makes me happy at the moment is my new make-up, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and I’ve enjoyed trying the new products out this week when I’ve managed to find a spare moment! Xx

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