The Beauty Of Arizona Is Not Something You Want To Miss

When considering a trip to the good old USofA., it’s easy to think about the many comfortable, luxury experiences on offer. From relaxing on Malibu Beach to an all-girls shopping trip through the retail and fashion paradise that is New York. However, when you go to Arizona, it has to be all about that natural beauty. It’s time to put the usual creature comforts of the holiday behind you and really explore one of the most gorgeous states in America. If nothing else, being surrounded by all that natural beauty creates some excellent opportunities for great vacation family photos.


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Put your boots on

Many might think that Arizona is arid and featureless when they first hear about it, but you can’t forget that it has some of the most gorgeous and wacky geographical features in the entire world. Best of all, of course, is the Grand Canyon. There are a lot of ways to explore this greatest of America’s natural wonders, but taking one of the charity walks regularly organized around and in it will help you see much more of it, much more up-close and personal. Just make sure that you bring plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated while you’re out there.


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Take to the skies

If you’re not as enthusiastic about ending the day with sore feet, then there’s a lazier option available to explore some of the beautiful red rock mesas and imposing cliff faces. Even smaller towns like Sedona have options like balloon rides across that vast, but far from featureless, terrain offering the very best views. You can even enjoy the selection of 20 spas to give yourself some luxury after spending all day in the air.


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Soak it up

People think of Arizona as arid but it has some of the most exciting water sporting experiences in the whole country. For the more experienced, locations like the Havasu National Wildlife Reserve offers some falls and spills as well as the opportunity to get up close to jackrabbits, bobcats and a plethora of wild, wetland birds. For those seeking a more laid-back water adventure, kayak tours across Lake Powell can be much more peaceful, but they’re not lacking in canyons and geological oddities to adore.


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Camping with a difference

Another lake much worth visiting is Lake Mead, but in particular, for the fact it’s one of the best camping spots in the whole state. Beyond finding an idyllic lake with plenty of access to facilities like restrooms, tables, grills, and fresh water, it’s just a short trip from the Hoover Dam and plenty of beautiful trails through rocky valleys and steep hills for climbers and hikers of all ages and aptitudes. There’s plenty of fun to be have on the water itself, with boats to take you out exploring, great fishing, and safe swimming.

Whether it’s on foot, in a kayak, in the air, or in a tent, the beauty of Arizona is best experienced up close. If you’re planning a trip to the Copper State, make sure you don’t miss it.


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