Booking A Luxury Holiday Abroad On A Budget

Photo by Arshad Pooloo on Unsplash

Eager to go abroad on holiday, but can’t afford it? There are cheap options like staying in hostels, travelling by coach and even working abroad, but these aren’t always everyone’s idea of relaxation, nor are they practical when travelling with kids. For a luxury holiday abroad, most families spend thousands. However, there are tricks to lower the cost of a holiday abroad is you’re savvy enough. Here are just a few ways to jet off overseas on a budget.


Time it right


You can often save money by avoiding popular holiday seasons. Not only that, but you don’t have to contend with crowded beaches or long queues to attractions. September and May are just out of season and are the perfect time to take advantage of deals – the weather is still likely to be good and most resorts will still be open with all facilities on offer. Going on holiday during these times may not be possible if you have children in school, however it could be perfect for those that don’t have kids or have young children that aren’t in school.


Book early or book last minute


How far in advance you book can also affect the price of flights and hotel rooms. Booking over nine months in advance often gives you access to early bird rates. Airlines like Etihad often offer reduced prices for those buying tickets early and may even allow one child to fly for free, whilst hotels may offer cheap upgrades to early bird customers. Last minute deals can also be very cheap – book a couple weeks before and you could gain access to 50% discounts on hotel rooms and airline seats that companies are eager to fill up. Booking last minute isn’t as convenient for some people, although you could still book the time off work in advance and then see what deals are out there two weeks before.


Journey off the beaten track


Sometimes, it can be worth trying out non-traditional holiday destinations. Rather than heading out to the med or the Caribbean, why not try a beach holiday in Bulgaria? If you want to go on a cheap ski holiday, why not try Romania instead of the Alps? Often the level of luxury you get for your money is much better than were you to pick a popular resort.


Use club points


Certain hotels can be bought using club points such as Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, San Diego. You may have to spend money to become a member of these clubs, but it could give you access to all kinds of luxury hotels for cheap. By building up points, you can afford bigger and better hotels.


Break up long haul flights


If you’ve got your eyes set on a far-off destination, you may still be able to save money on the flights. Rather than taking one direct flight, try cutting up the journey into multiple flights. It will take longer to get there, but you could reduce your flights cost by half. Even stopping off at a hotel for the night en route could be much cheaper and could add to the adventure by giving you two destinations for the price of one.


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