Brighton // Being A Yo! Sushi Ninja!

Yesterday we were invited to our Brighton branch of Yo! Sushi for an hour long kids sushi making class. Now I have talked many times about how Fizz is the fussiest eater among us so when we get Foodie reviews for the blog I take it as a challenge against beige food and her eating ways.


I took Fizz and two of her friends to see what sushi making was all about. The class is mainly for the kids but parents are invited to stay and offered a seat and a cuppa. Great! I love that I was kind of involved but also that I got a coffee too.

The kids were all offered drinks before they started and were asked if there were any allergies and dietary requirements (this was repeated during the hour as well which I thought was great). They also learnt good food hygiene before the class started.

Hannah our chef was patient and thoughtful when explaining to the children what they were going to make and how they were going to make it. It can be all to easy to rush through words and then have to repeat but she made sure the pace was easy to keep up and that her voice was loud enough for all the kids to pay attention to.

During the hour the children learned how to roll sushi and they made their own lunch box full of lovely treats. They focussed on making 3 different types of sushi which I thought was a good amount for them to concentrate on and it helped to make sure not too much was going on so that they didn’t get bored.

At the end of the class all the children were given their own rolling mat, chopsticks, a PE style bag with colouring items in. Considering the class was £15 per child it was really good value – factor in my coffee and it’s a really reasonable price.

The restaurant was closed during the hour long session and when the session finished at 12 the restaurant opened, however we were not rushed out but encouraged to stay and eat with the other members of the class. Hannah also made time to chat to all the children and parents at the end which was a lovely touch too!

Has it meant Fizz tried it, well sadly not…but she LOVED making it and it was declared the best friends day ever by one her best friends!

Can’t get better praise really, can you?

To find more about these classes and one near you visit the Yo!Sushi site.


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