Bring Your Child’s Birthday To Life With These Fun Party Themes

When you become a parent, some strange things start to happen – one such example being that you are more excited for your child’s birthday parties than you are for your own! Every parent wants the best for their kid, and your children are probably the center of your universe. That’s why you want nothing more than to throw them the party of their dreams – after all, the unconditional love of a parent tends to result in you stopping at nothing to make your child happy. Birthday parties are big events for children and are often hyped up to result in quite a lot of anticipation. They also act as a rare opportunity for them to see their friends outside of school, which may not happen all that often. On a slightly more cynical note, there is also a certain amount of healthy competition based around children’s birthday parties, where every kid wants their party to be the most fun. A good way to ensure that your child’s party is entertaining and memorable is to attach a theme to it. Children have very wild imaginations and can easily be swept away in the excitement of a theme; here are a few you may want to try out.

Book themed

When children are young, they tend to be quite heavily exposed to books. You probably read them bedtime stories at home, and they will also read books in school for education and entertainment. Therefore, a book theme can be a great way for your child and their friends to express themselves in a world of fantasy. You can either ask children to come dressed as their favorite character from their preferred book or set the whole party theme around one book in particular. A popular choice for younger children is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar – you can ask guests to come dressed as colored fruit, and serve up fruity delights as part of the buffet.

Superhero themed

Although most commonly regarded as a theme for a boy’s birthday party, a superhero theme can capture the imagination of almost any child. Make it clear what your theme is by sending out some fun invitations – you can personalize them online yourself with a company such as Pure Invitation. Superhero decor and cakes are also readily available at most party stores, so whether your child loves Catwoman or Spiderman, there are plenty of ways you can bring their dream to life.

Magic themed

Everyone’s favorite boy wizard turned 20 the other day – and what child isn’t fascinated by all things witchcraft and wizardry? If your child’s birthday is around Halloween, even better, as you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying decor and games! A magic-themed party is great when it comes to entertainment, as a professional magician can keep children and adults alike entertained for hours. Or, if your child is a little older, why not arrange a masterclass in magic, so your child and their friends can learn some of the tricks themselves?

What theme are you planning for your little ones birthday?


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