I love finding new, local products and recently a friend of mine contacted me to tell me all about 360 Botanicals. I bumped into Pip who runs the brand at RestFest recently and had a lovely chat with her about her products and you could see how much they mean to her.

Pip sent me her Super SerumSpa Aroma Spray, and I purchased one her her lovely Citrine candles recently. 

The super serum is a face oil. I have been using this daily and it has given a lovely brightness to my skin, The scent isn’t overpowering and the oil is light to use. I can tell the difference when I haven’t used it.

The Spa Aroma Spray is my go to for my daily meditation. I spray my room just before for a calming and tranquil smell. The scent is gorgeous in this spray and I often spray it on pillows and bedding to give them a lift,.

The Citrine candle has been part of my full moon journalling ritual. I love to have a special candle to journal with to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for setting intentions or surrendering ideas. I love the delicate smell of this candle and it is lasting really well. 

Pip’s products are really high quality and all of them have a place in my self care routines. I love that the products are cruelty free and also local to me. A hamper of these products as a special gift would make me a very happy person!

You can check Pip out on Instagram here.



One of my things to do for 2020 was to concentrate on feeling good about myself – inside and out. I’ve been working a lot on inner work with the help of Mel Wells’ Academy but there are physical things that I also need to work on.

After years of baby-wearing, pushing a buggy and lugging Micro Scooters around for the kids it is safe to say that my back has taken a bashing. Mike, a Brighton based Chiropractor and his partner, contacted me about a new kit they had put together. The Perfect Posture Kit is perfect for busy mums like me and others who suffer back pain from poor posture.

The Perfect Posture kit comprises of:

Posture Corrector

Resistance Band

Peanut Ball

All of this comes in a handy bag and is so lightweight it can fit into your day to day work bag or gym bag. The kit is £29.99

During December I used the peanut ball and resistance band on a daily basis and the posture corrector around 4 times a week. I found that my back aches eased and as the kit doesn’t require a huge amount of time it was easy to ensure that I used it daily.

I have slipped during January (new work patterns, new school routine and now the chicken pox!) but I have now popped doing the posture kit into my habit tracker to make sure I do it again daily. Knowing it made a difference before means I’m keen to make it a regular part of my daily habits.

I love that it’s not just a product you buy and then are left with no support. The videos on the website will help you in your journey to better back health.

I’ll update you again in a month with before, during and after photos!



Earlier this year my lovely friend Katie sent me a copy of her first book A Little Pick Me Uo: Shining A Light On Your Darkest Emotions. 

Katie’s book focusses on sharing tools with women to boost their self confidence. She does this by sharing her own stories, thoughts and challenges which open the discussion into your own beliefs.

Each section of the book is relatable to the modern day mum/woman and I found it really useful in my own journey of self love. There are tools and tips that are really useful for moving forward. It really is engaging but also reminding you to be kind to yourself.

Katie’s book comes to end for me when I am thinking of a gift for friends. I’ve passed this book on now but after it recently being on Kindle I purchased it so I have it there to go back on. I have since purchased this for a gift and was thanked afterwards for it being just what they needed!

You can buy Katie’s book A Little Pick Me Up on Amazon or if you are a prime member you can read for free.



I’ve always been a semi-minimalist. I like living with less and find that having too much stuff simply overwhelms me. But I’m not the kind of person you’ll find doing a 10×10 wardrobe challenge anytime soon, and because I am quite sentimental the KonMari method doesn’t work for me either (however, that folding technique is a game-changer!) An Edited Life sounds more me, or as Anna describes in her book, a slightly more chilled neat-freak.

Anna Newton is an award-winning online content creator, who has fronted her blog and YouTube channel The Anna Edit since 2010. She has been featured in Grazia, Stylist, The Guardian and named as one of Instyle’s 40 Must-Read Beauty Blogs.

Like so many of us, Anna is in search of that elusive work/life balance, managing work, her family, her social life, finances, the list goes on! While also trying to find a way to be more organised and less stressed. And like me, she realised that there is no one method that works for everyone. Instead of trying to follow other decluttering methods, which are often so prescriptive they make me feel even more overwhelmed, she talks about editing. By learning to edit the various aspects of your life you should then have more time to spend doing the things that actually make you happy! 

The book is broken down into three sections that cover life, home and work. Within each section there are hacks, lists and practical advice, with a checklist at the end, all aimed at helping the reader create a more organised way of living that is unique to them. Within the life section it looks at finances, social life, self-care and goals, within the work section it looks at organising your workspace and planning your working day (ideal for self-employed folk like me!) and the home section tackles streamlining your home and wardrobe and running your home. Finally, the end of the book has some action plans for both the short-term and long-term, as well as a resources list of other websites, books, podcasts, apps and printouts.

Because this isnt a structured method of decluttering, I have found it easy to jump straight to the sections of the book I want to particularly work on. For me, trying to sort out my work space at home has been a struggle so I found this really helpful, and I also liked the tips for organising out-of-season clothes. Others may prefer to work through the book from start to end. It’s entirely up to the reader! However you choose to use the book, you’ll find realistic, simple and practical ways of dealing with the overwhelm of trying to be better organised in life.

It is worth mentioning that Anna is not a parent and this book isn’t aimed at parents in particular. For example, if you’re a stay-at-home parent then the sections on work may be entirely irrelevant, but if you’re a parent who goes out to work, or works from home like me, then many of the tips are really good. For me, the sections about organising my social life were skimmed over, but otherwise I found that most of the book could be applied to my life, and I enjoyed the chatty writing style.

The book itself is a beautiful hardback printed with gorgeous high quality paper and has an RRP of £16.99, however Amazon currently has it listed at a lower price (affiliate link: and it is also available as an e-book.



Last Sunday we were invited to go to The Curry Leaf Cafe in Brighton. The last time we had gone for a meal there was a date night a few years ago when I was pregnant with the youngest. I still lust over that Sea Bass with yoghurt now!

Recently the cafe has had a makeover and updated their menu with a new children’s menu. We were keen to see what Curry Leaf Cafe has in store for us especially as a family of 5 we can find it difficult to dine out for a reasonable amount of cash. 

So did we all eat for less than £50?

The new children’s menu is £5 per head with a choice of fish, chicken and aubergine dishes. Included is a very large portion of naan or rice, poppadom, yogurt and mint dip and an accompanying curry sauce. The portion was super large and definitely could happily fill an adult up! After the kids were able to choose a dessert of salted caramel or black coconut ice-cream or a mango sorbet. All included in the price.

Children’s drinks were an additional £1 – the kids loved the cafes signature Mango Lassi!

Total cost for the kids: £18

The new adults menu is also amazing. Lots of street food and thali options. I found it difficult to choose as there were so many amazing options – there was a varied price range which means they can cater o a set budget easily.

Gav went for an open naan bread called Fish Mancurian – £9.75 and I went for the Lucknow Lamb Curry Thali £12. Both of us couldn’t finish our meals and I think we could’ve easily shared the Thali! However we were offered a doggy bag to take all the uneaten food home which was a great touch!

I couldn’t resist a Mango Lassi (I think around £3) and Gav went for the Bedlam Pisner £3.

Total Cost for the grown ups: £27.75

So our total bill came to £45.75 which is a family reasonable price per head at less than £10! Like I said the portions were huge so even though we went for lunch this would easily be our main meal of the day. The kids all enjoyed it and said they’d be back again. 

The staff were also so lovely and attentive without being overbearing. They were happy to chat to us and the children which I always think is a sign of a good team when there isn’t any awkwardness around the children.

We will definitely be going back again and next week check out my instagram because the lovely team have given me a family meal to giveaway!

You can find the Brighton Lanes Menu here: