Change Your Home To Match Your Age

Life changes as you age. Your body changes and what you are capable of or how comfortable you are can quickly deteriorate. This could mean that your home is no longer suitable for you. We’ll give you an example. Remember you used to be able to run upstairs after your kids and it was about as hard as walking to the top of your drive? Well, now it can feel like climbing a mountain that gets steeper every time. Ever step can make the joints ache and your knees click. Now you might say that you’re already pushing sixty and you don’t feel this way.

Well, that’s probably because you’re in great shape. If you workout and make sure that you are eating well, providing everything that your body needs, then the likelihood is that you want won’t automatically feel this way or deal with this issue. It doesn’t even need to be extreme levels of exercise. Completing a mile walk every other day can be enough to make sure that you are in good shape and put off that discomfort caused by age. But even then, you can only put it for so long. It’s not just physical issues. By the time you hit sixty-five, you’re going to have a one in fourteen chance of developing dementia, and again, this can change what you need in your home. Okay, let’s look at some of the changes that you might need to make to your home as you age.

Low Maintenance

You probably had no problem cleaning your home when you were younger. Some people even enjoy it – yes we know how weird that sounds. But it can be cathartic and rewarding to see your home go from a pigsty to a beautiful haven. Of course, spending an hour vacuuming your home and polishing can be exhausting once you reach a certain age.

So, let’s eliminate that issue. The best way to do this is to invest in the type of flooring that requires minimum maintenance. Laminate flooring is a great example of this. With laminate flooring, you can simply wipe or steam marks away in a matter of minutes. You can completely clean your home in less than an hour if you invest in laminate flooring. The best part is that this type of flooring isn’t even that expensive. You can remodel your entire home with it for a couple thousand which is an absolute steal when compared to other flooring solutions.

But don’t just stop there. You can also alter the ceiling in rooms like the kitchen to make sure that you don’t have an issue with steam and smoke causing marks on the ceiling that you will have to paint over. Once you have a certain covering on the ceiling, you can use the same mop for the floor to clean the ceilings of your home.


Changing Your Home For Lower Mobility

What should you do if think your mobility is starting to deteriorate? Well, first do make sure that you start completing gentle exercise and stretches. You can hire a personal trainer to do this the correct way. Do this, and you should find that you can help your body recover and cope with more strain. However, if this doesn’t work, then you’ll have to take greater steps. You might even consider moving to a different home. Once you hit seventy, you should consider relocating to a bungalow that is potentially smaller. This will once again make it easier to maintain and ensure that you don’t have to worry about climbing the stairs each and day. However, a move like this can be stressful and expensive. You might instead want to keep your current home.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to think about adding a stair lift. Whether or not this is easy will depend on the type of stairs that you have in your home. Wider stairs will be far easier to change and add a stairlift. However, regardless of your house you will be able to make this redesign.

You may find that the cost is too great to pay when you need to. One possibility would be taking out a short term loan. These can be paid off at a later point in time after you have made the chance that you needed to. More can be found here about payment options. You don’t need to let your current finances impact whether you make the changes your home needs when you age. Remember, failing to make the changes necessary could result in a fall or accident that will lead to even more expensive medical bills.

How does this happen? Well, you may not realise that you won’t always recognise you’ve had a stroke. The physical signs can be minor even though there has been a cognitive change that can impact your balance. You might not lift up your foot as much as you need to and this can lead to a trip walking downstairs.

As well as adding a stairlift, consider adding other physical changes to your room. For instance, you should put handlebars around the bathroom to ensure that you don’t fall in the shower and can get the grip you need. A greater change would be to get rid of the tub and instead have a wet room with a larger shower.

High Furniture

Finally, consider what furniture you buy for your home carefully. You need to make sure that you are purchasing furniture that makes life easy for you. Is it starting to hurt when you try and stand up out of a low sofa or bed? If so, consider replacing them with furniture that is higher and is designed for older individuals. This can ensure you are putting less pressure on your bones and joints when you stand. You can often find furniture like this from specialist sellers, and thankfully the price is not that different typical sofas and beds.


We hope you find this advice useful and use it to make the right changes to your home.



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