How to Choose Furniture that Stands the Test of Time

When it comes to decisions about what to put in your house, it doesn’t get much bigger than choosing furniture. After all, you are likely to be using these items for years to come, so you want to make sure that they fit the bill, both in terms of practicality and style. In this blog, we are going to be discussing five points related to choosing furniture that stands the test of time. Hopefully, by the end, you will feel ready to select some pieces that you are delighted with in your living room or bedrooms.

Solid Construction

Long-lasting furniture should feel solid and heavy rather than light and flimsy, so bear this in mind when you are inspecting it. Before you commit to anything, make sure that the price is consistent with your expectations of how long it will last. As well as the construction, if you are buying a chair or sofa, it is also worth taking a closer look at the cushion. Even if it is the most beautiful-looking piece in the world, it is not going to do you any good unless you feel comfortable sitting on it.

Attractive Silhouette

The shape or silhouette of the piece is what you are going to have to live with in your home, so make sure that you are 100 percent happy with it. Take a look at some of the items on for a range of different options. You really have to love the silhouette now or you have no hope of doing so in the years to come. Also, you need to ensure that it fits in nicely with the style of the rest of your home.

Wood Finish

If there is any exposed wood on the item of furniture you are buying, you should consider closely the stain or finish colour. The shade of the finish can significantly alter the appearance of many pieces. You have the option to make a dramatic change to a piece of furniture with exposed wood if you so wish to. For example, paint a mahogany piece white and this will instantly give it a more feminine appearance.

Furniture Fabric


The next point to consider closely is the fabric. While lighter fabrics are best in more formal designs, darker fabrics tend to be favoured in rooms where the furniture is used on a more regular basis. After all, these pieces are a lot more forgiving when it comes to stains etc.

Go the Unexpected

Rather than plain old items, you should aim to go for furniture which has a bit more personality and a hint of the unexpected. These are the pieces that are going to stand the test of time and hold your attention in the years to come. Perhaps you choose something which has an unconventional shape or interesting detail. You should always aim to reflect your personal style in the pieces that you select.

Use these five points to choose furniture that you will be happy with far into the future.


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