The Christening Gifts Parents Want You To Give

There are loads of gift guides for christening presents out there on the Internet. Most of them detail all the gifts that babies would love to receive, such as toys and cute ornaments for their nursery. Sure, parents love receiving these gifts. But they aren’t exactly at the top of the parents’ wish list. Here are all the kinds of christening gifts that parents dream about.

Special Christening Gifts 

A unique handmade photo album with space for the most important people in your child’s life will make for a great storybook as they grow up! Why not get everyone to take a Polaroid at the christening and write a unique message on it? This post offers some fab ideas for those struggling to think of a unique gift.


Parents prefer to receive practical gifts rather than any ornate or fancy ones. The more practical things they have, the easier it will be to look after the baby! And there is nothing more useful than money. So, you might want to think about writing a cheque or slipping in some notes into the christening card for the baby. The parents will be able to put this towards buying anything equipment they need, or they might pop it into a special savings account for their new child.



Another useful gift that most parents love to unwrap is a comforter. Sure, their baby will probably already have one, but babies can never have too many! Especially if you get them a super cute baby comforter toy from Kippins! Parents find that placing a comforter into their child’s cot can help them fall asleep a lot easier at night. And they won’t have to spend hours by their baby’s side at night trying to help them drop off!


Christening Cake

Do you see yourself as a bit of a baker? Then why not offer to bake the christening cake! This will be one less thing that the parents then have to organise for the big day. And it will certainly reduce all their expenses! Christening cakes are relatively easy to make. Most people prefer to have a decorated fruit cake. But, if the parents aren’t fans of fruit cakes, they might ask you to make a chocolate or lemon sponge instead.

A Book Collection

One of the thing that really frustrates parents is being made to read the same book at bedtime over and over again! I know lots of parents would love receiving some new books so that they can have a change at bedtime! You might want to buy an age-old classic, such as the Roald Dahl series of books. Or, why not go into your local bookstore and ask about the best children’s books at the minute?

Outdoor Games

Lots of parents complain that their kids spend way too much time in front of the TV or a computer these days. The chances are that the baby being christened will be much too young for this. But that doesn’t mean you can start to prepare them for a life away from screens! And there is no better way to do that than by gifting them some outdoor games. These will help them fall in love with the outdoors, and they’ll never want to play on a computer!

So, why pick a boring and standard christening gift when you could go for something off this list?


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  1. Widna
    November 7, 2017 / 12:46 pm

    Thank You for very practical ideas! It is not a simple matter to buy a christening gift, especially if you want it to be a souvenir for years to come. I dream that when the boy is growing up appreciate this gift and mention the person who handed it. But what could it be? I ask myself this question. I’m just looking for something like that for a godson. Cover with the name embroidered? – ups the baby will grow. Spoon with engraved name and date of baptism? – parent put in a drawer and become a junk… Perhaps a wooden icon representing the patron saint? I found pretty cool ideas on the site I am inclined towards this option;) But practical gifts, of course, I will also give. Thanks for the ideas!

    It is . You need to get some time out on the internet to find something original for baptism 🙂

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