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  • Widna says:

    Thank You for very practical ideas! It is not a simple matter to buy a christening gift, especially if you want it to be a souvenir for years to come. I dream that when the boy is growing up appreciate this gift and mention the person who handed it. But what could it be? I ask myself this question. I’m just looking for something like that for a godson. Cover with the name embroidered? – ups the baby will grow. Spoon with engraved name and date of baptism? – parent put in a drawer and become a junk… Perhaps a wooden icon representing the patron saint? I found pretty cool ideas on the site blessyoubox.com I am inclined towards this option;) But practical gifts, of course, I will also give. Thanks for the ideas!

    It is blessyoubox.com/saint-noah-icon . You need to get some time out on the internet to find something original for baptism 🙂

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