Clever Ways to Save Money That You’re Missing out On!

Do you feel like your living expenses are only getting bigger and bigger? It can feel like it is impossible to cope. Or, perhaps you are managing, but you feel like you will never have savings in the bank or be able to go on the holiday you promised your kids? You are not alone. Many people feel that way. However, it is not all doom and gloom. It is likely that there are many savings you could be making, yet you simply do not realise it, or you have written them off because the savings are too small. Remember, everything adds up! With that in mind, read on to discover some clever ways you can save money.


  • Do you really need that expensive gym membership? A gym subscription can be a pretty hefty financial outlay every month, especially as a lot of fitness centres require a 12-month subscription. However, you can save a considerable sum of money by switching to a more no-frills gym. There are also those that enable you to simply pay for the months you use, ensuring better value for money. Of course, you could cut your costs by investing in a good pair of running shoes or a bicycle and enjoying a different form of exercise.
  • Swap the things you have for the things you want – If you have your eye on something new, be it a new hutch for your rabbit or a new skateboard, don’t spend your cash on it. Instead, use a swapping website. You will be able to swap, sell, and trade things to others. This is a great way to get rid of things you don’t want while also getting your hands on the things that you do want.
  • Go the library or swap books – You don’t need a genius to tell you that one of the best ways to read good books for free is to head to a library. However, this is not the only option you have available to you. You could also use websites for exchanging books.


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  • Enjoy holidays in the UK – One of the best ways to save money is to enjoy holidays in the UK for the next few years. This is especially beneficial at the moment considering the value of the pound has fallen. If you do want to go abroad, make sure you use websites like Cheapflights and Skyscanner to find a good deal.
  • Delete your cookies – No matter whether you are booking a holiday package or flights for a business trip, you should delete cookies from your computer beforehand. Otherwise, the website will know that you have visited it before, and often this will result in the prices being increased just before you buy.
  • Drive more efficiently – Unfortunately, petrol is a huge expense for most people, yet there are savings that can be made. Of course, you can research to determine the cheapest fuel to you. Not only this, but you can drive more efficiently, meaning you will use less fuel and thus reduce your expenses that way. Tips for being more efficient include removing unnecessary weight from the boot, ensuring tyre pressure is optimum, leaving for work earlier to prevent sitting in traffic, and changing gear sooner.
  • Car share – Why not car share with a colleague so that you can cut the cost of your daily commute in half?
  • Split ticketing – It is easy to assume that booking one ticket for your entire train journey is the most cost efficient way to go about it, but this is not always the case. Always make sure you check out whether split ticketing is cheaper. It usually is for long journeys. This simply means buying a series of tickets instead of booking the entire journey on one.


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  • Lower your telecoms bills – A survey conducted by consumer champion, Which?, determined that the average household in the UK could save £156 on their telecoms bills simply by haggling. Now would be a good time to call your supplier to see if they can give you a better deal.
  • Save money on your energy bills – There is no denying that energy prices in the UK seem to be increasing all of the time. However, there are a number of different ways you can counteract this. This includes finding out whether you are entitled to any government grants for new boilers and solar panels, getting an energy monitor, investing in home insulation, and choosing energy efficient appliances. You should also replace your light bulbs with LED alternatives and find out whether it would be cheaper to switch energy supplier.
  • Use your ‘grey’ water twice – One way to save money on your bills is to use bath water to flush the toilet. All you need to do is keep the water in the bath once you have finished bathing, and then use a bucket to gather it, and pour it down the toilet to flush it. If you are on a water metre, this is a great way to save money.
  • Find out whether you are eligible for council tax discount – When trying to save money, it is so important to explore all of the options available to you. If you live by yourself, you could be entitled to a 25 per cent discount on your council tax bills.


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  • Shop online – Doing your grocery shopping online enables you to be a better budgeter because you won’t waste money on items you do not need. When shopping in-store, it’s easy to buy things on a whim and get sucked in by different offers. You have more time to ponder over your decision while shopping online. Plus, you can find true value for deals and order items in bulk to make further savings.
  • Buy frozen vegetables – If you are on a budget, it is wise to buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh. This means that you can use what you want and simply leave the rest for another day. Plus, it is much cheaper.
  • Shop on an evening – You will often find that you can make considerable savings by doing your grocery shopping on an evening. Most supermarkets will have items that are marked down in price substantially, so if you can eat them that day, it is a great way to save a bit of extra case.
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables – While it is tempting to buy fruit and vegetables that are pre-packed or pre-prepared for sheer convenience, it will cost you more money. So, go for loose fruit and vegetables instead. This is also more likely to eliminate waste, as you will only buy what you need.
  • Make a meal plan – Last but not least; you can save a good chunk of money by making a meal plan for each week. There is much less scope for waste if you know exactly what you are having to eat throughout the week. It also means you are less likely to make impulse purchases when you go to the supermarket. There are plenty of money-saving recipes online as well, enabling you to feed the family for less, so make sure you check them out.

Hopefully, you now have plenty of suggestions that can help you to start saving some more money. You may think that some of these suggestions will only save you a few pounds here and there, but it really does add up. When all of your money saving efforts are combined, you will be startled by how good the results are.


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