Common Maintenance Areas in the Home That Are Usually Forgotten

Our homes eat up a lot of time because they require a lot of care and maintenance. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do this because we’re not trained professionals, and even if we keep a checklist or something handy telling us exactly where to go and when to go, it can be rather difficult keeping track of all the different areas of the house that we need to keep an eye on and maintain. However, seasonal changes mark the need for a house-wide clean, and here is a couple of places that you might be skipping over because they’re not very common.


The Chimney


If you have a chimney in your home, then make sure you’re hiring specialists to clean them out. The summer is a fantastic time to clean them because your chimneys won’t be in use for a long time, and you can guarantee that they’re nice and clean for when you need them in the Autumn and Winter for when the weather gets a little more chilly.


Air Conditioning Filters


With summer in full swing, one of the most common appliances we use at home is the much-loved air conditioner. However, if you’ve only just started turning it on recently, then you may want to take a look at the air filters and give them a good clean. They’re dust magnets due to how air conditioners work, and if they aren’t cleaned properly then it can severely reduce the quality of the air in your home. Cleaning air conditioner filters is just a matter of vacuuming the filters or washing them with a bit of water. If the filter is clogged, then you may need to use some detergent as well. Never try to wash them with a machine and always wash them by hand. Once cleaned, let them air-dry for a little while before placing them back in. Make sure that you don’t use the air conditioner before the filter is placed back into the unit to ensure the quality of the air is at an acceptable level.


Your Roof


If you live in an area that has particularly harsh weather, or if you live surrounded by trees, then you may want to take a look at your gutters. Cleaning out your roof gutters is the first maintenance step for your roof. After that, you’ll want to take a look at the shingles and surface to ensure everything is well-maintained. Many roofing works can be done with the help of a friend and some tools and equipment from a business such as Roofing Superstore, but make sure you put safety as a priority. Climbing up the roof is dangerous no matter how you slice it, so never neglect your own personal safety.


Guest Bathrooms


Not many of us have extra bathrooms to clean, but those who do will know that it can be a pain cleaning them after our guests have been done with them. Luckily, they don’t need much cleaning if a guest hasn’t passed through, but it’s still worth taking a look and making sure they can still flush and that they water is still flowing correctly through the taps. Take a moment to turn on each tap for a few seconds to flush them out and ensure they’re working correctly.


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