Conserve Your Energy: Eco-Friendly Essentials for Anyone With a Conservatory

More and more people across the UK are making the choice to renovate their homes rather than scouting out the market for a new property. It’s logical. Upping and moving home can be hugely disruptive. Especially if you have a family with children. It can mean having to find a new job, working out new public transport links, switching schools and other educational institutions and fitting into a completely new community. So why make things difficult for yourself? The leading option chosen by those renovating their home tends to be the conservatory. This is an extra room in your home, generally leading to the garden, with a glass roof and walls. This creates a perfect space for relaxing in during the summer without exposing yourself to the creepy crawlies and bugs of the garden. It’s also great for entertaining guests without giving them full access to your home.


Energy Efficient Glass


As we all know, glass isn’t the best insulator. Over 25% of a home’s energy will escape through its windows, so imagine how much is lost through complete glass walls? Unsurprisingly, conservatories can be considered a huge drain on a home’s resources during the winter or colder months. But not to worry, there are solutions for this. First of all, when starting out with a conservatory, you can request that it is comprised of energy efficient glass. If your windows are double glazed, your conservatory should be too! This will help to keep heat within the walls and the transparency of the glass will also allow for the benefit of passive solar gain. If you already have a conservatory in place with standard glass, you can invest in a special, insulating coating for the walls, which will prevent dramatic heat loss. This special glazing will maximise thermal retention by reflecting heat back into the room.


Ceiling Insulation


While 25% of a home’s energy is lost through glass windows, a further 25% is lost through the roof. A glass roof promotes this loss even further. Prevent this with a Guardian Warm Roof. Professionals will replace your existing conservatory roof with a new, thermally efficient design which will completely transform your entire living space. Not only does this preserve heat within your conservatory, but it also adds an aesthetically pleasing tiled roof to your conservatory. This will compliment your current tiled roof and will also have the benefit of adding overall value to your home!


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While the glass walls of your conservatory will allow natural light in during the day, you will still need some artificial lighting in the space for evenings and the night. So continue your eco-friendly theme and invest in energy efficient light bulbs for any ceiling lights or lamps that are fitted within the space. These use, on average, at least one-third of the energy required by standard incandescent bulbs. They will also last longer and are less likely to have to be replaced due to damage: they are more resistant to small bumps and knocks.


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