Create A Vintage Look Without The Hassle!

In a world where minimalist and modernist styles are taking over, it can be incredibly refreshing to create a quirky vintage look for your indoors. Indeed, vintage decors can inject a homely and cosy personality to your interior, adding warmth and depth even in the newest properties. However, who says vintage thinks antique fairs, unique items and historic renovation projects. Ultimately, the charm of a vintage look can come at a high cost if you’re not careful. While every homeowner wants the best for their interior, there is a limit to your investment potential. Antique furniture can sell for several thousands of pounds for the smallest of items; there’s only so far a homeowner with a flair for old looks would go.

But if you’re not the kind of person who is happy in a crisp and clean IKEA decor, a vintage style seems to be the best solution. Do you need to break the bank to make it work? Of course not! You can find high-quality alternatives that nail the right feeling without requiring you to become an antique expert.

Rug in the living room by Tim Collins

It’s all in the finishing touches

You’ll be surprised to know that you can turn modern furniture into something that has a flair from the past without needing a time machine. Indeed, there is plenty of high-quality and contemporary make old charm furniture that uses a playful design to give it a vintage touch. With a vast choice of finishes, you can get the best of yesterday’s looks in today’s shops! Admittedly, if you’re not ready to change your furniture yet, you can still bring some shabby chic finishing to add an old romantic edge. It doesn’t take much expert know-how to transform a modern plywood chest of drawers into a 1950s cabinet, using nothing but pastel chalk paint colours, for instance. In short, the finishing details can go a long way!

Add luxury cosiness

Your flooring solution can dramatically transform a room. As a rule of the thumb, a vintage style would focus on hard floors and thick rug. Your carpet can add a modern touch that would clash with an aged look. Instead, you can rely on large and colourful rugs to keep your feet warm in winter. Your living room will immediately seem more inviting and homely if you place a rug in front of your sofa, for instance.

In love with vintage decors

Age your walls like a pro

Finally, your walls can help to complete the look. Depending on the style you’re after, you can use wallpaper to achieve the desired style. For instance, vintage flower wallpaper walls are a fantastic addition to a living room or a bedroom. However, you need to be careful not to create an overwhelming decor. Colourful wallpaper designs can be used to counterbalance neutral hues in rooms. You can also add a playful touch with a wallpaper that imitates wood or stone walls, for example, as it’s a tasteful twist to a busy room. If you’re a confident painter, you can even create an aged effect using wax on the walls; however, this is a DIY project for expert decorators!

Nailing the vintage look without breaking the bank? Yes, it’s possible! All you need to do is to focus your attention on the right finishing details, from ageing your furniture to adding a cosy rug!


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