Creating A Living Room Perfect For The Family

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to interior design. For instance, we need to consider what we want from our designs, and consult a design philosophy that is either inspired, or something unique. Then, we need to consider a budget – grand designs do not come for free, unfortunately. Good furniture can be quite expensive, trendy furniture can be even more expensive, and even if we are skilled at DIY (or know someone who is) the cost of upholstery and materials, as well as tools and work, can be just as pricey – if there’s a loser during this entire process, it will be your bank balance. Then you need to consider the room you have available, as one of the limits to any renovation project will be the size available for your designs and new furniture. Designing, decorating or renovation? Either way, it’s going to need some kind of a solid plan behind it to work.


However, this doesn’t mention a crucial thing for many adults. How do the interior design plans account for our family? Does it cater for young kids? Is it suitable for everyone who lives in the house? We want to ensure our home is as comfortable for our kids and family as it is for us, so that means one thing – you’ll need to add your family and kids to your considerations when you’re redecorating, renovating or redesigning. Thankfully, with a bit of help and some careful considerations – it’s not too difficult to create the perfect living room or lounge for your family.


Considering the budget is key when it comes to interior design, as we’ve already mentioned – however budgets are usually tighter when you’re supporting a family, which obviously makes design less important when it comes to thinking about cash. You can pick up stylish furniture for good prices from a lot of different sites, so you don’t really need to worry if your budget is too tight. Even supporting a family might not have as big of an impact on your design plans as you may have thought. Budgeting is key though, and if you can cut down in some areas, it might just boost your spending in others!


One thing you need to consider when creating the perfect living room for your family is seating. It’s pointless if your entire household can’t be seated in the living room at anyone time, it’s even worse if the majority can’t. You need to think of seating plans primarily, as couches and sofas don’t come that cheap at all – and the more people you have in your family, the bigger the couch. Outlets like showcase and sell a wide-range of L-shaped and corner sofas, which offer numerous seats – but also take advantage of space and work in favour with many designs. You might need to boost your seats with an extra arm-chair or two as well, so take this into account. Seating is important as it allows the family to actually get-together in the living room.


Entertainment is key when it comes to the living room. What other purpose does it serve – really? It’s the perfect library for our movies and our music, so we need to ensure we have the furniture available to showcase our entertainment. Big pieces can cost a lot of money, and won’t always be suitable for your household – so this is an area where you might need to consult a DIY option that can fit in your room, but also one that can fit your TV, music players and anything else.


We also need to think about storage – a lot. The living room is going to have a lot going on and might be a place where DVD’s are stored, records are kept, and toys are hidden. Coffee-table chests are great for hiding stuff away to keep a minimalist feel. You can also pick up plenty of storage options that work well at keeping your living room functional, yet organised – cabinets, drawers – even sofa storage!


Add a personal touch as well – make your living room a museum to you and your family. We want canvas paintings, pictures and mementos on display. Your living room should not only entertain and comfort your family, but it should also represent them. Feel free to display art or other things that you like in your living room.


Finally, a word on safety. If we’ve got smaller kids we need to account for sharp corners and the like. Opt for rounded designs, or cover the corners. Ensure that your kids don’t climb up cabinets as well! A word here can present disaster.

The living room might just be the most important room for your kids and your family, so when your redecorate, keep that in mind.



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