Moontime Magic With Super Selenite

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🌿✨• S M U D G E • K I T S • ✨🌿 The “Divine Goddess ” floral smudge comes in a reusable glass jar filled with a beautiful mix of White sage, rose petals, eucalyptus, blue cornflower & frankincense. Kit includes ~ Divine Goddess floral loose smudge + Abalone shell + palo santo + selenite wand + black Onyx. . For me this kit is all about girl power 👊🏻clearing away the crap and allowing your inner goddess to shine, activating your strength and spreading word that you are completely worthy of bloody everything 💪🏼 Black onyx for banishing the negativity and lifting your confidence/inner strength. Selenite, the bringer of light. A non judgemental, calming stone for promoting purity and honesty. Forcing you to be honest with yourself. These simple tools are absolute must have/go to favourites of mine. ✌🏼These will be available to purchase from tomorrow 🤗♥️ excited to share my faves with you. Love & light🤘🏼and erm, perfect stocking fillers btw 💁🏼 • • • #spiritualawakening #doyou #cleanseyoursoul • • • • • • #rosequartz #pursuepretty #abundance #manifest #loveandlight #protection #shopsmall #artistsoninstagram #crystals #crystalhealing #love #bohochic #freespirit #crystalproperties #tranquility #mystical #whimsical #crystaltroll #tribe #mytribemyvibe #grateful #palosanto #distractionsandinspirations #lovequotes #lovespells #handsthathustle

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Who doesn’t need a selenite wand? Everyone should have in their collection some type of selenite wand, as they are so useful in a variety of spiritual, magical and directional workings. Selenite is a stone of psychic communication, clarity, divination and intuition, so it allows higher consciousness helping to expand spiritual awareness. selenite can help facilitate otherworldly communications, psychic workings with spirit guides, angels, ancestors and loved ones.

Selenite is powerful stone and can be used to clear away any past or negative energies from other gemstones. The ideal stone to cleanse and clear away past energies attached to objects. It is a amazing powerful directional stone for opening and closing circles, directing energy through your crystal grids and directing spells and rituals.

A wonderful stone of protection, selenite brings about peace within the home and among its occupants. ✨

Selenite is like no other crystal. This radiant white stone plays with light in the most magical way and stands out against the colorful rainbow of the mineral world.

The way selenite absorbs and purifies light energy makes it one of the most powerful healing crystals. When holding a piece of selenite, it is as though you are holding a piece of Pure White Light.

The way selenite captures and radiates light is mirrored on the metaphysical plane in the way it absorbs and purifies energies. It’s no wonder this stone represents cleansing, purity, mental clarity and emotional renewal.

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