A Lovely Rottingdean Undercliff Walk

A Lovely Rottingdean Undercliff Walk

This morning we decided to head out early and go to Rottingdean. It’s quite a peaceful area near Brighton. There’s rockpooling there, little cafes and a lovely undercliff walk.

We were intending to go or quite early to make the most of the tide being out but instead we arrived around 9:30am.

We packed a picnic as we knew that as it was a walk the kids would be hungry along the way. Surprising the sun was out and it was sunscreen weather!

We headed onto the piece with our rockpooling kit but unfortunately we didn’t see much today. We collected pebbles to look at under our microscope though and got our feet wet in the sea.

It was so lovely to see Fizz and Jedi try to Explore The Seashore activity together too and they ran/hugged and chatted along the walk. It’s so lovely to see them grow together now and be able to play and explore together (although we do have those scream at each other moments too).

Heading out early is great for little ones too. They run off energy and you can be back home to enjoy a hot cuppa during their nap time!

That sea air is quite a generous thing for toddler sleep but also a parent too. I’ve found this morning so relaxed!

We hope you’re having a lovely bank holiday! What adventures have you had today?


We have feature a lovely kit from Green BOatd Games in this post. The Explore The Seashore kit costs £12 and is perfect for those little adventures with the kids.

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