Designing a family-friendly kitchen


It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and with good reason. The kitchen is usually the room in which families spend most of their day, even if they don’t always sit down and eat together in the traditional way. In fact, as smartphones and social media use up more of our children’s time, the kitchen is increasingly important as the social hub of the house. 

Given the importance of the kitchen, it makes sense to spend a little time thinking about the kind of kitchen you want for you and your family.

The importance of space

You want your kitchen to be a place that is inviting and welcoming so that your family wants to spend time there. The best way to go about this is to maximise the amount of space available in the room, and you could even consider connecting your kitchen with your living room or lounge area, going fully open plan. This removes the boundaries between different parts of the home. Another great choice when you’re considering alternative decorating ideas is to opt for window shutters. Not only do window shutters look stylish, they enable you to control the level of light in the kitchen and help to reduce noise coming in from outside. 

Kitchen islands

Investing in a kitchen island is another method for making your kitchen space more inviting. It provides the ideal location for socialising because guests can relax and chat and it can also be a good place for your kids to play or do their homework, enabling you to keep an eye on them while you cook.

Be practical

Of course, you must be practical. If you don’t have the room for a kitchen island, you will simply end up with a cramped kitchen, with no room to cook or prepare food. It is important when you’re designing a modern kitchen not to get so carried away with the possibilities that you forget the main purpose of the area. Make sure that the kitchen area is laid out well enough that you can quickly and easily get to the fridge, oven and cupboards without having to work around obstacles. 

A fun space for kids

Your younger children will want to spend more time in the kitchen area if you can help them to be engaged. One way to tackle your kitchen design is to look at the room from their perspective, and do what you can to make the space as practical and entertaining as possible. Try setting aside a drawer for them to keep their cups and plates in, which will help them to feel involved at meal times. 

Style versus function

Having small children around has other practical implications when it comes to designing a kitchen. Mess is a part of having a young family so when you are choosing your cupboards or worktops it isn’t a good idea to splash out too much money. Childproofing your kitchen is particularly important if you are hoping to create a space where your kids can feel welcome and safe. 


There are many ways to design your kitchen to be more family-friendly, but the most important thing to remember if you want your kids to spend more time in the kitchen area is to look at the room from their perspective. Ask yourself how you can make it more inviting, and from that starting point, you can create a kitchen that will be a social hub for the whole family. 



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