Doing It For Yourself In The Bedroom

The majority of us would like a homemade home. Nothing would be better than guests complimenting your furniture, only to find out you made it. Yes, you! But, DIY isn’t as easy as we like to believe. In fact, if you want to develop compliment worthy pieces, you need to put in a fair amount of work. As such, jumping straight in and doing it all yourself might not pay off. Let’s be honest; no one’s going to compliment you on that wonky table in the corner.

Instead, it can pay to practice in a private room before unleashing yourself on the rest of the house. As it doesn’t get much more private than the bedroom, that’s where we’re going to focus. At least you’ll only have yourself to blame if your bed collapses in the middle of the night. To get you off on the right footing, we’ve put together a list of things you should focus on.


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The Bed

When we’re talking bedroom design, it doesn’t get much more important than the bed. This is where you would start if buying from a store, and it’s where you should start when doing it yourself. For one, you’re going to need some decent tools to make a bed to be proud of. A modest toolkit might have been enough for the small projects of the past, but it won’t be sufficient here. Take some time to look into reviews for the best circular saw, chainsaw, and drill. Advice from people in the know is the closest you’ll get to a mentor.

Once your tools are sorted, the main thing you’ll need to bear in mind is proportions. These have the power to make or break your design. The good news is, you can use your height as a guide. Measure yourself to give you a starting point. For width, you should be able to lie across your bed. For length, you’ll want to add a little to ensure you have plenty of room!

The Wardrobe

How long have you waited for a wardrobe to suit your needs? Now you can have one. The best thing about DIY is that it allows you to get the pieces you’ve always wanted. Consider whether you would like an open wardrobe which utilizes your clothes as a design feature, or whether a closed door affair is more up your street. Bear in mind, too, that while proportions are less important here, they still matter. The higher your design, the more spacious it will seem. If the length only just fits your clothes, things could look a little crowded.

The Bedside Table

Your bedside table may be the least important item, but it’s still worth some consideration. Bear in mind that this is a design type which you could use in other rooms, too. As such, it’s important you get it right. Consider whether you would like a cabinet design or a mini table. Again, you can make the piece to suit your needs!


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