Easy Ways for New Parents to Make Money

All new parents know how precious parental leave can be. Whether it’s paternity leave or maternity leave, every precious moment spent with your child during the initial months of their arrival are crucial. With some careful budgeting tactics, some new mothers and fathers can even make the decision to stay away from work for longer than expected or give up their career entirely.

The good news is that just because you’re a stay-at-home parent, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t earn some extra money to support your family. If you don’t want to go back to work, but you do want to contribute to the family budget, then here are just some of the things you can do.

Become a Freelancer

The digital world has made it easier than ever for people to work from home. With an internet connection, a computer, and a little commitment, you can have your own career from the comfort of your own home. A freelancer chooses how and when they want to work with clients online, which means that you can adjust your working schedule around opportunities to look after the baby. What you do as a freelancer is completely up to you. You can write blogs, design websites, or even answer emails as a virtual assistant.

Get Creative

Do you have a hobby or passion that you’ve never had a chance to fully pursue until now? As a mother on maternity leave or a father on paternity, consider embracing your hobbies and finding out whether you can make money off them by setting up your own eBay or Etsy store. You can even sell items you make on Facebook. You might be surprised how many people are willing to pay for your hand-knitted blankets or your professionally-designed woodwork.

Become a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

If you love animals and your child is happy with them too, then looking after the pets of your friends, family, and other customers can be a great way to earn some money. There are local agencies you can join to become a local pet sitter or dog walker. Some people will even pay for you to pop in and spend some time with a cat too! Just make sure that you never leave your children unattended with any animals and have them checked for allergies before you start your new pet-focused venture.

Offer Childcare

If you adore being a parent, and you’re happy to share some of your love with other children, then you could offer fantastic childcare solutions to people in your area. If you can turn your home into a safe place that’s approved by local and government officials, then you can have people simply drop their kids off with you when they head off to work. All you need to do is make sure that you can handle multiple kids at once.

Have an Opinion

While online quizzes and surveys might not pay as much as a full-time job, they’re a great way to make a little extra cash without exerting much effort. If you fit with the target demographic of a specific company or network of brands, then you should be able to answer questions and be paid for your opinion. There’s plenty of market research happening around the UK all the time, so make sure that you keep an eye out for new events happening in your local area. You can even join survey sites that alert you whenever a new earning opportunity becomes available.

Become an Affiliate

An affiliate marketer sells products on the behalf of another company. You can do this by setting up your own webshop, or simply running a blog or video blog that links to other products around the web. While it will take some time to build up a large enough following that you start to make a significant income – it’s a great idea if you’re a creative person looking for an outlet. Check out some of the affiliate programmes available with your favourite brands.

Sell Anything You Don’t Need

Finally, we all hold onto things that we don’t really need sometimes. When you’re still looking for a long-term option to make money as a new parent, why not try going through your storage and looking for items you can sell. You might even find some items that you can paint and upgrade, and this can lead to a career in upcycling furniture.


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