How To Ensure Your Dream Family Holiday Goes Without A Hitch

You’ve been planning this year’s summer family holiday since Christmas, and this is the big one. For the previous few years, you’ve opted for the typical package holidays of a week to a Balearic or a Costa but this time you are venturing further afield and for a fortnight. The excitement that you have felt for the past six months is slowly making way for butterflies and nerves. This is simply because you want everything to go perfectly and you want this holiday to be the dream vacation that you, your husband and your children remember forever. Take a look at these handy tips to make your dream family holiday one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

When it comes to holidays, some things are outside of your control, so they aren’t even worth worrying about. There is nothing you can do if the heavens decide to open on every day of your trip. You can’t prevent a flight delay or an industrial strike. However, there are elements that are within your control that you can make sure go as swimmingly as possible.




When it comes to budgeting for your holiday, you want to ensure that you set a sensible limit on the amount that you are willing to spend. A dream two weeks spent with your family cannot be spent to the detriment of landing you in uncontrollable debt. A sensible option would be to investigate homeowner loans. You will receive the amount you need, and a sensible, affordable repayment plan will be set up leaving you to worry less about your finances and more about your holiday.


Armed with your budget, you’ll need to decide where to save the pennies and where you can afford to be a little more extravagant. If you’re heading to Australia, it would make sense to save a bit of money and spend some days soaking up the rays on the beach. At the same time, the land of Oz is famous for its culinary excellence so splashing out on a swanky meal or two may be worthwhile as long as it doesn’t break the bank.




It is always a good idea to plan an itinerary when flying off to distant lands with family. If you’re heading to Disney World, you don’t want to arrive with no plan as you’ll waste time and end up not experiencing things that you know your kids would have loved. Wherever you are going for your dream holiday, research the destination and design a skeleton schedule detailing the activities that you’ll be doing each day. This way, you’ll be getting the most out of your holiday, and they’ll be no wasted moments.


Organise The Kids


Your kids will probably be more excited than you to be going on a big adventure, so it’s great to get them involved in the days running up to your trip. If they are old enough, instil them with a bit of responsibility. Give them their luggage and a list of everything they need to pack, encouraging them to have a go at packing their own suitcases. You could also give them a list of websites exploring the destination that you are travelling to and ask them to make a list of things that they would like to do when there. By integrating some of their personal activity choices into your plans, you are ensuring that the dream holiday is as inclusive as possible for the whole family.


Learn The Lingo


Venturing to a new country where the culture is rich, diverse and different to home is a thrilling way to spend a holiday. It can also quickly turn into a horrendous culture clash if you don’t prepare for your trip. Grab yourself a phrase book and at the very least learn basic greetings and pleasantries in the language of the country that you will be visiting. This shows respect to the people you meet in that country, and they will appreciate your efforts even if your pronunciation is shambolic.


Get yourself some decent maps especially if you’re going a little off the beaten track. GPS and smartphone mapping apps are useful, but nothing beats a good old fashioned ordnance survey. This way, if your phone battery dies, or the GPS signal is lost, you will be able to navigate your family’s safe return to civilisation.


After spending so much time waiting for your holiday to come around, it would be such a shame to see it blighted with hitches that you could have anticipated. Follow this guide and ensure that your holiday becomes the vacation of your dreams.


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