Family Festivities: Creating Your Own Traditions

Creating new traditions for your family is tonnes of fun. It’s nice to introduce some from your old childhood too, but you also have the chance to start some of your own for some new experiences with your children. There are so many things that you can do, and you can talk to your older children about what they would like to do in the run-up to Christmas. Whatever you choose should be fun for all the family – but your enjoyment might come largely from watching your kids having fun. Here are some of the things you might choose to do this Christmas.

Buy Some Decorations You Can Treasure


Decorating for Christmas is one of the best things about it. Once your kids are old enough to help out, it can become a family activity that everyone joins in with. Even before then, you can start buying decorations that you can use year after year. Building up your own collection of decorations is one of the great things you get to do as an adult. Buy decorations that also prompt memories, from your baby’s first Christmas to a special holiday. Your children will no doubt end up coming home from school with decorations they’ve made, and you can also make some at home.


Do a Countdown


Doing a countdown to Christmas through December is a great idea. While a cheap chocolate advent calendar might keep the kids happy, there are better things you can do. Having a nativity scene with one figure to put out each day is sweet, and you can use it every year. Your children can join in by taking it in turns to put out the figures too. You could also have a decoration to hang on the tree each day. If you want something extra special, make your own advent calendar using whatever theme you want.


Choose Something to Do on Christmas Eve


In many countries, Christmas Eve is the day of celebration. You can still make it a special day, even if most of the focus is on Christmas Day. You could do something special during the day, like a family outing, but most of your focus might be on the evening. Of course, there are traditional things like leaving a drink and snack for Father Christmas and his reindeers. With everyone getting excited, it’s a good idea to try and create a calm night. New pyjamas and a Christmas story could do the trick.


Create the Perfect Christmas Morning


Christmas Day can be pretty busy, especially if you’re cooking. It’s often the mornings that people remember most from their childhoods, so creating a magical Christmas morning might be your priority. Some parents like to start by leaving traces of Santa’s visit, from mince pie crumbs to snowy footprints. You might also have stockings; stocking stuffers can be a great way to keep the kids quiet for another hour before they come and wake you up! A special Christmas breakfast could be a good idea too.


Start your own Christmas traditions and create some special memories for both you and your children.


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