Why We Fear For Our Kids’ Safety So Much

Your first born child is the one that will put fear in you the most. As a new Mummy, you often doubt whether your child is entirely safe. Think about when they took those first steps. Your baby probably toppled over and cried. It breaks your heart! All you can do is pick them up and hold them tight. You want your children to be safe and never be hurt. Of course, by the time the second one comes along, you know it’s a natural part of growing up.

You can’t wrap your kids up in cotton wool, as much as you want to. We all learn from mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes come with bruises and grazes. But there are some activities that you have to let your kids do, even though your heart is in your mouth the whole time. Sometimes, you just have to let go of their hand and let them do it.


One of the first scary activities for Mummy and baby is swimming. You know you have to let them experience movement in the water. But if you let go, you’re terrified they will sink or drown. Drowning is a real risk so making sure you take all the right precautions when swimming will help put your mind at ease.


At the park, you’ve probably had one or two panics of accidents waiting to happen. Slides are high, and kids are notorious for turning around and trying to come down from the platform the hard way. As they hit three or four years of age, they suddenly want to climb everything, no matter how hazardous. These gross motor skills are important to nurture and develop. It’s how they will learn better control and balance of their bodies. But it doesn’t stop you shrieking out their name!


With today’s advancement in technology, it’s only a matter of time before your child is reaching for your smartphone or you start to consider letting them play on a tablet. However, with so many great educational apps you can often not be sure on where to start. However, with a little research you can find a safe app for Children’s needs. Sometimes using a phone or tablet can be really beneficial, and because the world is heading in this way of technology, by the time they are in school there will be no doubt that this sort of technology will be a firm fixture in the classroom.


I know that when they hit seventeen, they will want a car. I think that will be the real test of my resolve. Teaching them to drive will be so scary for me! When they’ve got their licence, I’ll be dreading all those late nights out. With a car, there is a real chance of serious injury and even death. It needn’t even be their fault! Still, we are all in that boat. It’s not healthy to get worked up over what might happen. Us Mums just have to have a little faith.


As a Mummy, you can’t help but worry. It is your nature as soon as you become pregnant to be wary of every little danger. The little bumps, bruises and grazes are a healthy part of life with an active child. Still, I’m sure I will feel that rush of adrenaline each time they push themselves physically!


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