#FindYourHappy : Week One

Morning all. I find Sundays a great way to reflect on the week and make sure I’ve digested everything from it so I’m ready to move forward to the next week with confidence and positive feeling.

A long time I started joining in with a regular Sunday sharing linky that was a lovely way to wrap my week up and I’ve found that I’m missing doing that. So I’ve decided to start something to help me focus my Sunday on gratitude.

I invite you to join in too! Gratitude is a great way to focus on the positive. If you’ve experience depression and anxiety it can be a great way to think about yourself and visualise how you want your next steps to be. #FindYourHappy is a space to think over and pick out some super special moments.

I’ve had a pretty stressful week this week and so this seemed like a particularly good week to start rewriting the week with those small things. My freelance work has taken a huge dip, finances are completely screwed up and there is other life stuff going on on top. It could be so easy to get dragged down with this stuff (at points I have and that’s normal too) but I’ve found some joy in life too. 

I’ve had some store credit for an online retailer so I bought myself these Blue Velvet Ankle Boots in their sale for £21.

Oh Jedi has been amazing this week. His speech had suddenly been boosted and I nearly cried yesterday when he asked a stranger ‘what’s in that book?’ – That’s is longest ever completely understandable question! The stranger even understood what he said. It was so amazing! We are yet to have our second speech therapist appointment so everything is down to us and the nursery at the moment! He’s also started to use his scooter as well as walk with it! I’m thrilled at this as it’s just the next step towards an activity we can all do together!

Fizz is now on half term and I’m so pleased to be able to spend some quality time with her. The boys will still go to nursery so we have 3 days where it’s just us! We’ve made fun plans. We’ve also started reading Matilda together on an evening. 2 pages every night to help her confidence and reading skills. It’s a joy to hear her read to us.

Beatlebum is developing his personality a lot at the moment! He is such a little pickle. His giggle is infectious. He’s started to say words – car (for train), pull, more, mummy and please. I can’t believe how fast his speech is coming along. He even graced us with an 11:30pm-6am sleep this week!

I’ve also had Gav at home a lot this week. I really love it when he’s around in the day time. I’ve had to work but it means we get to focus on stuff child free. We’ve started watching Twin Peaks too and switching off tech/social. That makes a huge difference in sleeping for me. However Beatlebum does still wake up but for me it feels like the non sleeping time will be not for much longer.

I’ve also started my life coaching diploma and am loving it! I’m practicing what I’m learning on a small group of friends and it’s lovely to feel supported in a added career direction.

Today is all about family. So we’re off out for lunch with my dad and sister. A great way to end the week. I love Sundays – they don’t feel so rushed but I’m super glad it’s bank holiday tomorrow! 

So tell me about your happy this week! 

Link up your posts below and have a great week! 


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