Get A Designer Look For Your Garden Without The Price Tag To Match


Have you ever watched those garden makeover programmes on TV and wondered how they could create such an incredible outdoor space in just three days? The chances are that they have had tens of people working day and night to ensure that the garden gets completed to a high standard all for the sake of a television show. The reality is vastly different especially if you’re embarking on a garden makeover on your own. You will get covered in dirt, you will get cuts in places you never thought possible, and you will be shattered for the whole project. However, it will be worth it in the end when you draw your curtains each morning, look out of your window and see your beautiful garden smiling back at you in all its glory.


Get Your House In Order


There are plenty of tricks of the trade to strive for a designer look in your garden without the price tag to match. That’s not to say that you should scrimp on every aspect of the design. Doing this is a false economy and will require more costly maintenance in the future. Be sensible with your budget and you can create something magical.


Financing your project is easier than ever before with the advent of homeowner unsecured loans. Think carefully about how much you are willing to borrow and, more importantly, how much you can comfortably afford to repay and apply. With the funds available, you can then crack on with your designer garden plans.


G0 Green


If you are an avid watcher of the Chelsea Flower Show, then you know how the correct combination of foliage, flowers, and shrubs can create a theme for your garden. You could opt for more architectural plants with long stems and pastel colours alongside pebbles and shale to create an oriental rockery. If you are more into vast swathes of green and love to see flowers at all times of the year, an English country garden may be more your style.


Even if you have never had a go at gardening in your life before, pop down to your local garden centre and ask their advice. They will be able to tell you the flowers, trees, and shrubs that will be the most suitable to meet your requirements.


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An Extension Of Your Home


The finest gardens allow you to utilise the space all year round. Think about eating in your garden and having more family gatherings situated in your outside area. With garden heaters and a well-constructed awning, you can enjoy al fresco dining even when it is cold or wet. Rain beating down on your awning when you are sheltered, warm and eating a beautiful home cooked meal is one of the most relaxing sounds.


You can create zones to add function as well as style to your designer space. Create an eating area, a chill out zone with hammocks and bean bags, and explore the idea of a water feature. Adding ambient lighting strategically throughout your garden will add a sense of wonder in the evening as the moonlight descends and your garden is lit up to enjoy.


Don’t neglect your garden and give it the makeover that it deserves. By unleashing your creativity upon your outdoor space, you will create a garden that you will spend more time in than you ever thought possible.



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