Getting Girls Into Football

Getting Girls Into Football

On Sunday myself and Fizz headed over to Horsham to attend a SSE Wildcats session. After seeing the SSE Women’s FA Cup and a local Brighton Women’s Football match as part of our FA Ambassador ship she was super eager to get onto the pitch herself and have a go.

Brighton doesn’t yet have a SSE Wildcats session but Horsham is a short train journey away for us taking 50 minutes. The train is only £14 for both of us and then the hour long Wildcats session is £2. Not a bad price for a morning out and about. We scooted to the station and the session so it made it quite a nice active adventure out.

The session started with a warm up. There were 4 coaches dedicated to the 20 girls that arrived to have a go at playing Football. The session was split into warm up, team building and then a mini match during the hour we were there. It was so lovely to see Fizz get stuck in, make new friends and even score a goal!

I felt that the coaches were really patient (the girls ages started at 6) and the main coach Simon was eager to answer parents questions. At the end of the session I felt it was a really lovely touch that all the girls got given a little branded mini football to practice at home with. Fizz is so proud of hers and has made a little time to practice every day, taking it to the park yesterday to encourage her school friends to have a kick around.

I would highly recommend these sessions. Even though it’s not quite as local to us we have said that we will go back every fortnight because Fizz really did enjoy it. It’s held on a gorgeous park setting so if you have other children you can nip and take them to the park whilst the session is being held if you didn’t want to stay and watch. In all honesty I loved watching it all and I felt it was important to me to stay and encourage Fizz too.

Want to join or learn more about SSE Wildcats?
SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Clubs will provide girls with regular opportunities to play football and take part in organised sessions in a fun and engaging environment created exclusively for girls.  The clubs will run from spring through to summer on a weekly basis with activities for those bringing the girls on offer too, including football-related fitness sessions at the same time as the girls.  The initiative follows the launch The FA’s Gameplan for Growth, which outlined the target of doubling girls’ participation in the sport by 2020. Each SSE Wildcats club will be run in conjunction with local County FAs and utilise qualified coaches and local facilities to offer girls a location nearby where they can get involved. 
The FA’s Gameplan for Growth, launched in tandem with For All, outlined the target of doubling girls’ participation in the sport by 2020. 


  1. July 1, 2017 / 1:47 pm

    Aww bless her that she scored a goal on her first session! Well done Fizz! This is a great initiative for encouraging girls to take up the game.

  2. July 7, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    I agree — brilliant that she scored a goal, but perhaps even more important is that it seems to have created a love of football for your daughter. Loads of fun and fitness to come!

  3. July 8, 2017 / 9:36 am

    We love our SSE Wildcats session – in fact this morning is the first one we’ve missed as H has a cold (in this weather?!). It’s so cheap, and I really hope the clubs continue because it’s such an important lifeline for girls in football and giving them the confidence to play.

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