Guest Post // Tips for Teaching your Kids to Garden

Teaching your kids to garden is a fun activity that can also serve as excellent bonding time. Kids love learning from their parents and seeing the fruits of their labor when gardening. For example – my parenting blog is all about Product tip ideas, holiday ideas and loads of different gifts for children, which include educational games and activities. 

If you’re interested in some useful tips to keep your kids interested in learning about gardening, take a look at the tips below! 

Begin Simple

Teaching your child to garden only requires a small space. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about teaching them all the intricacies of gardening to start off with. Moreover, the simpler you keep it, the more likely it is for kids to stay interested. 

You could start by planting beans in cups and place them by a window with sun exposure. After this, you could teach your child about how to grow something small in the backyard, such as a tomato. These are simple things to grow that teach your child the fundamentals of gardening. 


Ensuring that your using the correct tools while teaching your child to garden is important. Since you’re teaching them the basics, it’s important for them to understand how to garden properly.

Furthermore, it’s crucial that you find kids tools that are a suitable size for them. You can grab smaller shovels and gloves so that kids can learn how to garden comfortably and safely. 

Choosing What to Grow

Keeping kids interested in what they’re growing has a lot to do with the plant. Therefore, it’s best that you both agree on the type of plant that you’re going to grow together. If you’re looking for plants that grow quickly, you’ll be interested in things like spinach and tomatoes. 

It may be best to start out with produce that grows quickly to ensure it keeps your child engaged. Later on, once they’ve gained more experience, you could move onto growing things like carrots and radishes. 

Eating What You’ve Grown

When it comes to growing produce, kids love seeing what they’ve grown at the dinner table. Growing things like tomatoes and carrots make it super easy to add your child’s produce to their meals. 

This provides kids with a great sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement so they’ll be more interested to continue gardening and expanding their knowledge of how to grow different produce and plants. 

Keep a Routine

Gardening successfully requires you to pay attention to your backyard regularly. Every time you go out to tend to your backyard, be sure to bring your child along to show them the importance of maintenance. 

This could be as simple as going out together once a week for around 20 minutes and tidying things up. You can teach them how to water the plants and pull weeds out. It’s an awesome way for kids to gain experience and see how much of a positive impact the maintenance has on a backyard.


By incorporating the tips above, you can be sure to keep your child interested in gardening  as they grow up. Teaching them the basics and keeping it engaging will help them to continue to develop good gardening habits later on in life. 


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