Handy Contacts Every Mum Needs In Her Phone!

As parents, we fight a never ending battle against the clock. We dash from commitment A to commitment B with vim and vigour; armed with wet wipes, a smile and near-infinite patience. Our children expect us to be an unwavering model of stability and we do our best to live up to their expectations… Which is why, when something goes wrong, our heroic facade can come crumbling down like a house of cards. While we do our best to be prepared, our best intentions can be kyboshed by car trouble, damaged by door locks and walloped by water leaks.


When the unthinkable happens, it’s easy to think that the responsibility rests on your shoulders (superheroic parent that you are), but there’s no shame in reaching out for help when the need arises and you deserve the peace of mind to know that whatever the time, weather or circumstances, the right people will rush to your defense.


Make sure you have numbers for the following in your phone so that you’ll never be caught out in a time of crisis.




If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your home on a dark and stormy night then you’ll know the icy cold feeling of terror that trickles down your back (or was that a stray raindrop?). In desperation, many of us find ourselves breaking into our own homes which is a drastic measure that nobody should have to resort to. Fortunately, a good locksmith specialist is more affordable than you may think. Indeed, some offer 24 hour call-outs with no additional call-out charges. So put that plant pot down, your windows are safe!


Roadside recovery


Picture the scene, you’ve spent hours packing and cramming your belongings (and family into the car). Hair is brushed, teeth are clean, faces are washed, shoes are on. Stuffed companions are loaded into the back seat, everyone has been to the toilet and you’re off on a family trip. As soon as you get a fair distance away from civilisation, disaster strikes and your car breaks down.


If you don’t have roadside recovery, then you could be in for a difficult few hours unless you’re lucky enough to break down somewhere with decent phone and internet coverage. And if you’re lucky enough to get someone out to inspect your car, you’d better believe there’ll be sizeable call-out charges. Save yourself the drama by having the number for a good breakdown recovery service in your phone.




If a pipe springs a leak or your washing machine starts gushing foamy awfulness, you need to get a professional out fast before a minor inconvenience leads to a literal flood of expensive repairs throughout the house. Fortunately, emergency plumbers are on call all over the country to carry out quick but lasting repairs without a call-out charge. They can get to you quickly and prevent the damage from spreading but only if you can call them quickly. Phew! Aren’t you glad you saved their number in your phone?


Pizza delivery


Or Chinese food, or burgers, or curry. But, let’s face it, after diverting a potentially nightmarish situation, you and your family will deserve a treat, so take the night off cooking and gather round with the family to put a cheerful end to a stressful day.

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