Having #MamaMeTime

The concept of having any me time once you are a mama drifts away along with the chance that you’ll be getting any sleep in the new future.

Why has the thought of self care become something that escapes us now that we are a parent?

I sat down a few weeks ago and asked myself

‘How can I look after my family if I can’t or don’t look after myself?’

It seems like the longer I neglect myself and my desires the worst my self confidence is and also the motherhood haze gets. I’m more grizzly bear than mama bear and so not as much a nurturing mama as I wish to be.

So there are a few ways I’m getting back on track.

Creating and updating a gratitude journal

Telling myself it’s ok not to get everything I *think* needs to be done (often with my sense of right this second urgency

Allowing myself some me time. Switching off the social and picking up a book or watching a box set on Netflix

Making the effort to look nice. Getting dressed and not lulling about in lounge wear (aka yoga pants)

Accepting it’s ok to fail as long as I don’t use that as an excuse to give up

This is really the essence of this blog. It’s not being forcefed a you just to this but considering my options and taking on board things I can make to give my life a positive impact. 

What are you doing to make a positive impact in your life today? 


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