Home Improvements You Should Never Attempt Yourself

Many parents are near omnipotent in the eyes of their kids. After all, they depend on us so much. We bring them wisdom and advice as readily as we give them food, shelter and of course ample hugs and kisses. As a result, many parents feel the need to take on most all our day to day home improvement problems unaided. Many modern mothers, in particular, are very keen to subvert the nuclear age stereotype of the helpless hausfrau waiting helplessly for a big burly man to rescue her lest we break a nail. Besides, with the advent of digital technology anyone can become competent at virtually anything within minutes. With terabytes of ‘how to’ manuals and Youtube tutorials out there, it’s easy for today’s Mum to think that she can accomplish just about anything.

There are, however, occasions where the best option is to consult Snupit or your preferred digital directory for a professional’s expertise. Whether it’s because of safety risks or the risk of doing permanent damage to your home there are some jobs that shouldn’t even be attempted alone, however much a Supermum you may be, such as…

Plumbing modifications

Most savvy parents are capable of carrying out minor plumbing repairs without issues. Changing a washer or damaged pipe or a manifold is relatively straightforward. Even installing a new toilet is within the capability of a veteran DIYer. When it comes to major plumbing modifications, however, that involve making changes to your plumbing’s infrastructure are best left to a pro or you’ll face massive flood risks.

Extending hot water lines is an especially big no-no as it usually involves working with copper pipes, which requires proficient use of a blowtorch. Notwithstanding the safety implications of working with a flame, even experienced welders may leave tiny gaps in joints that despite being invisible to the naked eye can let water through resulting in extensive leaks that can cause serious damage.

Roofing repairs

Even if you have a head for heights, roofing repairs are best left to professionals. Most obviously, rooftop repairs bring with them the risk of falls. In fact falls from a height account for 20% of non-lethal construction injuries in the UK. Even those who aren’t cripplingly afraid of heights are likely to be nervous or anxious when working on a roof, resulting in work that isn’t our best.  

Tinkering with your circuit breaker panel

There’s no use in denying it, we’re highly dependent on electricity these days. In fact, we’ve tamed it and befriended it to the point where we’ve forgotten a simple fact… Electricity kills! While changing a bulb or a plug or a light switch is fairly simple (so long as your power is switched off at the mains), you should never ever start messing with your circuit breaker panel.

This innocuous little box distributes huge amounts of power from outside into and around your home. For this reason you must never unscrew or tamper with your breaker panel. The terminals securing the service cables from outside are always energised. Touching them can be fatal, especially if it’s with a metallic object like a screwdriver or spanner.

Part of being a responsible parent and setting a good example for our kids, after all, lies in knowing when to ask for help.



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